I am a little confused?

Everything I buy, I spend hours after hours trying to read everything I can about the product I just bought. I just want to make sure that if I buy something, it will be money well spent. My new hearing aids are no exception.

I bought the Syncro aids and actually found very little about them. People have commented they are great BUT I am buying a different one. I have read that their doctor gave them one as a loaner while their old one is being repaired and really loved it BUT I am buying a different one. And finally, in almost ever response, someone writes about other brands first and then say Synro are also good.

This Epoq hearing aid seems to have turned this world upside down. I guess my point is Syncro’s come off as a good choice but not a great choice. Or is it that they are an old style and their “flavor” has gotten stale?

Also, buying hearing aids has opened up a whole new world to me. I didn’t know there were so many to choose from. Is there a place that I can get reviews on hearing aids? A web site or magazine just devoted for reviews?



syncro was the previous top of the line Oticon Hearing instrument, if i recall right it was launch 3-4 years ago, This year oticon came up with a new chip (this is new in the company) as they have never promote any of their hardware. The new chip is call RISE and it provides broadband data transmition. This will be the platform in which many of the instrument will be develop in the next 3-4 years and probl. oticon will develop a newer instrument. while i have fit quite a few sincro, given the choice most of my
clients prefer a safran or a tego pro … if money is no object
epoq is the choice

Ship sale

Again, thank you xbulder for your response. You have helped my set my mind at ease a little.

The epoq was my first choice but my audi was worried about not having enough power for the future. I need to get my chart and let you decide if this is the case or not.

Can you tell me why most of your customers prefer the safran or tego?

I believe my audi told me he can adjust the syncro better than the epoq. I am not sure about this though. He also said he wasn’t sold on the benefit of having both ear pieces communicating with each other. He thought it was a wsaste of money because they both are self adjusting. What are your thoughts on this?


Yes, I know the feeling.

…many many years ago I tried the Oticon DigiLife first; a 1-2 channel aid
4 bands to adjust. I did not like them… I was coming from many years of wearing analog aids. My dispenser let me try the DigiFocus. It was a
WOW moment, I could hear all kinds of things. I knew they were the ones
to get. I’ve been wearing them ever since. The Syncro I’ve been loaned
with a quick fitting did not give me that “WOW”…I think that’s because
I’m going from 1st generation digital to 2nd. Fitting is not exact either. But
I do notice I hear myself better with it and it does better than my old one
in crowds. Those improvements alone tell me its time to start saving for
new aids.

If you like the Epoch and hear well with it then I think that’s what you should get. Regardless of the money or technology you need to wear it for many
years and need to hear. My Oticons have been quite durable (needing a repair after 7 years…that’s years of wrestling with the kids and all kinds of
weather). I would certainly buy Oticon again. I’m sure I would like the Epoch also…if my dispenser loaned me one I may not give it back :slight_smile:

hi t bone
unfortunately I can not make a desicion for you, It would be irresponsable.
But I can help you with some facts and you and your audi can make a good desicion. Yes, the Epoq only covers up to 80dbhl- and generally it is good to have some room left in case your hearing loss increases (this is a smart choice). Again, in 3 weeks there will be new product releases (at the UHA in germany- so i would definetly wait)


Regarding the safran and tego or tego pro, When given the chance (no mention of price) a great deal of customers prefer the tego/safran over the sincro. I would ask your audi to program a set of sincro and walk out side
in the trafic for a few minutes and then ask him/her to try the tego.
Most of my clients (80%) prefer the tego/safran. try this and let me know how it went…

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