Hypothyroidism and hearing loss


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I had several hearing tests, a number of years back. At the time, they always asked if I had hypothyroidism, and at that time, the answer was no. My hearing loss always came back as being close to severe, but I had had hearing tests even further back which did not yield such poor results. Since then, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and given medication. Since being on that medication, I have noticed that my hearing seems better, to the point that my hearing aids now seem loud, I have moved away, and will need a new provider, and am likely due for a hearing aid upgrade anyways, but I’d hate to talk up a hearing improvement that may not exist or have them think I fudged the last test.
Have any of you had improvements in hearing after taking levothyroxine (I believe that is the name for it)



I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have taken levothyroxine for 21 years. I suspected I needed hearing aids around 6 years ago, meaning I have likely needed them for 10-15 years. My hearing has gotten noticeably worse in the last 5 years following chemotherapy with a known ototoxic platinum based treatment. I see no improvement from taking thyroid medications.



Thanks teejayess, I hope you are better after your treatments. I’ll mention it to the practitioner, I can still tell I most certainly have a hearing loss, especially in my left ear, but my right seems better.



Thank you, yes I am doing very well now. I was always highly active and fit. Those helped my get through the radiation and chemo far better than most who get those treatments for cancer. I’m still working actively at gaining or keeping the fitness I have. I’ve always been very focused and determined about my health and fitness, now that I will be 70 next month, they are paying me back. I’d love to know what caused my hypothyroidism (long before cancer treatments which can cause it) but no way to know, even when it began. It was so low that it took five med increases and retests to get me within the acceptable range.

Please keep this thread updated, this is a topic of interest, even though I have not noticed any effect from levothyroxine.



Although there does seem to be some relationship between both hypo and hyper thyroidism and hearing loss, I don’t think there’s any indication that treating the thyroid is going to impact hearing loss. Treating hypothryoidism could help with energy levels, weight loss and a host of other symptoms



Mine was finally tracked down due to an injury - broken clavicle, cracked acromion process, and abrasion and deep knee puncture. None of them were healing well, and finally the doctor ordered a full blood panel. As he went down the list of things seriously wrong, neither of us could figure out why until he came to TSH, the ah ha factor. I never felt low energy, but then I am very hard headed and stubborn when it comes to being active. I pushed right through it apparently.

It would be wonderful if levothyroxine helped with hearing loss, considering the high daily dose I take! :slightly_smiling_face:



Did your injuries heal better after your TSH got back to more normal levels?



Yes, it was dramatic. The injuries were barely healing, especially the deep knee puncture, after more than 3 months. With the TSH back up within normal range after about 4 weeks, they were almost completely healed in a month.

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I have a friend with thryoid issues and wears hearing aids too (same level as me but mine is bad than that LOL!) not too bad at all when mine is on