Hypoallergenic shell- how to tell?

I was recently fitted for the Otolens which I really like - but the aid appears to have aggravated my ear canal. As someone with Exema I asked my audi to request that the aid (shell) be hypoallergenic but not sure if it is…Is there a way for the “layman” to tell?


All shells and ear molds are made with hypoallergenic materials, but ASK.

Some materials are better then others for allergys eczema.

I’m not aware that all ear moulds are hypoallergenic or if they are, they don’t recommend all the types of materials for moulds for people with allergys or eczema.

If you paid for them, then you should have a proof of purchase which should also tell you the materi type. That’s what mine show. You could then go on to the website and having a look.

My ear moulds also have a individual barcode and starkey on them. This means I could ring starkey up and they could tell me straight away.