Hybrid amplifier on Signia hearing aids

I sent my hearing aids to repair. They are differente models and had different issues:
-1 hearing aid Siemens Pure 7bx. Issue: Unable to wireless connect with easytek, connexxlink and with the other hearing aids of the same model.
-1 hearing aids Signia Pure 13BT. Issue: When I turned on the hearing aid, a noise similar to white noise was constantly heard.

The hearing aid Store said me Signia did not send the diagnostic. They only sent what they repaired. They put the same for both hearing aids:


I mean, they have solved both problems by doing the same repair I understand.

It’s possible? What is it and what is the use of that repaired part of the screenshot? (new hybrid amplifier)

Note: Since I live in another country, I want to be sure if it’s a Signia error so I don’t have to resend again. The hearing aid store says Signia hasn’t given them the diagnosis and that they can’t do anything.

I don’t think it matters what they say, in my experience every time you send them back they just replace them with new, if available. My left aid was acting up so I sent both of them in for repair and got 2 brand new ones. New case, new receivers, I’m assuming all new electronics, since I had to reconnect with streamers and phone like they were new.

Everyone should send them back every 2 years just for that reason.

Last time I sent some in for repair, my audiologist sent both in, saying i would get 2 new aids and I did. That was back in 2014 or so.

Think I’ll mark it on my calender … July 2022 send hearing aids in for repair.:rofl:

I sent my Phonak Roger receiver in for a clean and new casing / housing as I wanted to change the colour and instead have just sent me a brand new one. I had to reconnect to my Phonak Roger Mic.