Hurricane Ida

Bad storm heading towards Louisiana.
Run from the water, hide from the wind.
Take care and good luck


Reminds me of the Ron White joke about the man who tied himself to a tree to see if he could survive the wind. The punch line was, it’s not THAT the wind is blowing…it’s WHAT the wind is blowing!

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No hurricane here in the Chicago area, but hot and humid. Can’t do anything outside. We’ve had some rough weather here over the past couple of weeks, but nothing compared to what Louisiana will be going through. I hope it won’t another Katrina. Get out and go somewhere safe. Be careful all.

What I remember about Chicago was cooooold! Frigid cooooold.
This southern boy just couldn’t feel comfortable outside up there one winter.

I grew up on the gulf coast. Have strong feelings for those in the wake of any major storm. This one won’t be as big as Katrina but might pack a stronger punch in a smaller area. Forecasters are predicting a cat 4 storm when it makes landfall.

Not funny or cute….If you had lived with hurricanes you wouldn’t like that.

Not being funny or cute.
Lived this stuff.
Not sure why the comment.

Who are you talking to? I grew up in New Orleans and lived most of my life along the gulf coast. I have seen them all. Hurricanes are a fact of life. You deal with them as they come. Nothing wrong with a bit of humor. When you are on your seventh day of no power in August in southern Louisiana humor is about all that you have left sometimes.

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80 miles offshore and 150 MPH sustained winds now, almost a cat 5.
Very strong storm.
Good luck to those in the Houma area.