How well do "Auto T-coil" hearing aids work in looped facilities


Best I can tell the “comfort-audio-duett” is basically a way to connect a remote mic to any brand of hearing aids - - or use with headphones or earpods. The neck loop appears to be a way to connect the remote mic to hearing aids that have a T-coil.
Not sure what you are trying to do with it. If you just need a remote mic for your aids and there is one that works directly with your hearing aid - - it might work better than this.
Before I got current aids, I used a Maxi Personal Amplifier from Bellman with earpods which I suspect is similar. It had a T-coil setting for rooms that are looped but other wise was just a remote mic.


I have one from ClearSounds.
I’m pretty sure you’ll need telecoils in the HA’s for them to work so I’m not sure why you’re asking “without”.


Yes, you are right need telecoils. I misread the description.


An excellent post and lots of useful replies! More and more of the new HAs are delivered w/o T-coils, it’s true, but most still contain them. ONE THING to remember is that if the hearing aid is fairly new–up to six months at Costco–one can exchange/return it for a different model. And/or, if one complains loudly enough to an audiologist, one may be fitted with a different model HAVING a manual T-coil. I was able to get this for a friend. It’s an ongoing battle, unfortunately. But worth the fight.


What concerns me now is that as we educated people to the need for T-coil, and their audiologist provides a hearing aid with an automatic T-coil - - are they going to find that it does not help in our looped facilities???
My Audiologist (she wears hearing aids herself) knows about our facilities, speaks to our Hearing Solutions often - - but my aids have an automatic T-coil! Fortunately, I do not NEED the hearing loop YET, but . . . .


Or perhaps the approach that one can take with ReSound Quattro’s - just get the Multi-Mic accessory. It has a T-coil in it and can be used to stream T-coil reception to your HA’s. Streaming from a Multi-Mic works very well and is high quality. Besides the T-coil, the Multi-Mic has a remote microphone that can be unidirectional or omnidirectional, a 3.5 mm line-in audio jack, and an FM receiver port that can be used with a Roger Receiver X03 and Roger Pen/Select devices. So that way, with an accessory, the extra size and battery required is effectively off-loaded to the accessory and you don’t have to carry around a T-coil all the time in your HA’s if you’re like me, home alone most hours of the week. And you don’t have to have both T-coil and FM receiver built into the same HA, etc.


But the beauty of the built-in variety is that you’re not carrying around another device and that it’s perfectly discrete. (other than if you’re convinced that everyone can see your HA’s…which they generally don’t notice :slight_smile: )
But yes…it’s an option if you happen to not have them.


There have been many solutions for many years if you are willing to keep up with an accessory. My hearing and a majority of the folks I know are still able to function with just aids and do not want to be burdened with an accessory. I am the world’s WORST at LOSING anything not attached to me. I do not even carry a purse because I lose those too. If It won’t fit in my pockets, in most cases it does not go with me.



Just have to point out that folks do not seem to mind being SEEN wearing a bluetooth earphone which is about 100 times larger than my hearing aids!! Maybe someone should make hearing aids that look like a bluetooth earphone!! Then when everyone gets used to seeing folks with this large black device stuck to their ear, those of us with hearing aids could go back to the BTE’s and be LESS encumbered than the rest of the population!!

Saw a family of 4 at IHOP and Daddy had this big black bluetooth earphone on and it suddenly struck me - - why is that OK, but wearing aids that do not even show “makes me look old?” My aids are bright RED so that I can find them if I take them out and set them down somewhere - - and my hair is extremely SHORT and STILL 99% of people have no clue that I wear hearing aids until I TELL THEM or SHOW THEM!!!


Prop/dummy/fake high-tech looking nifty cool headphone earbud doodads and no one will care. They might think you’re a tad pretentious. But they won’t think you’re old!