How useful do you find a T-coil?

I am currently nearing the end of the trial of some Phonak Marvel M90-R aids. Now that the rechargeable T-coil version has been released in the UK, I have the opportunity for changing to this.

My question is, is the t-coil/loop technology worth having? Is it older technology that is being made redundant by Bluetooth and FM assisted hearing like Roger? I don’t go to meetings, but do try to attend talks, theatre (although live captioning at theatres work well) and lectures as well as tutorials. From what I can gather so far, not every public venue has a loop system.

I wondered what others’ experiences and suggestions are.


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i occasionally attend venues where it is used and very helpfull. but YMMV

I never use it. Maybe I should have it added to my hearing aids and then maybe ill use it.

It’s definitely not obsolete. It’s value is solely dependent on whether you visit venues that use it. In some towns/cities, it’s used a lot. In others it’s absent. If it’s not used where you live and you don’t travel much, there’s really no value.

My understanding is that BT cannot be used to send voice from one source to many hearing aid users. It’s fine for a microphone to one hearing aid user. There are also distance limits. Roger has the potential to send voice from one source to many hearing aid users, but is very expensive. Telecoil has the ability to broadcast to many users and is pretty cheap to install in hearing aid.


My hearing care professional definitely recommend the newer technology (ie., Bluetooth, Fm like Roger as you said) over tcoil, while my employment disability counselor wanted me to get tcoil so my employer could install a loop. Totally unrealistic expectation and anyway it’s just old tech. Fewer and fewer places are looped these days I guess. I wish I had experience! I only had people tell me it’s not worth it even though OVR wanted me to get tcoil so bad. I never did. No chance I could have used it in the last five years though either so I’m pretty sure my audiologist was right.

Thanks for the replies so far.

Those that use it, can I ask what the sound quality is like? I have found the Bluetooth and TV Connector (Airstream) streaming to be excellent sound. And I presume Roger FM streaming is equally as good, so I was wondering what the t-coil sound is like?

Thanks again.

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I found interference to be a big problem. My local cinema got rid of their t coil system due to interference.


The telecoil is an old system but it still has huge value in certain situations. The telecoil will not be replaced by Bluetooth or any other system for years. Loop systems, telecoils and why you need to think about them


Our church has it and it is on my remote mike that can be used for other things. Quality is very good, have to make sure you are sitting within the loop.


*see that you’re in England. My understanding from a little bit of internet reading and youtube, is they are much more prevalent in europe than they are here.

I opted to get mine with T-coil, mainly because my church has an FM system and you can use a neck loop to interface it. So far I have not found anyplace else to use it…but I’m glad I did it. The unit is only a tiny bit bigger…

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Love it. Our theater is looped and being able to understand a play’s dialogue is fantastic. Have also found some State and National parks have their auditoriums looped.


I’ve only encountered one location in my limited outings that had a loop. I have my own in my home. I still rarely use it.
I think it’s a beautifully elegant, simple, discrete method of transmitting sound. People saying old tech and all…yes well so’s the wheel and we still use those.


I’ve not found a place that uses it. At least not properly. I’m told it is supposed to make sound awesomely clear, but that hasn’t happened so far.

Thanks for this. Are you in UK?

Get an inexpensive “receiver” and try it before you make a decision. I used a Bellman mini before I got hearing aids and found the T-coil a big help in looped facilities. I live in a senior living development and we have gotten the Community Association to install loops in new facilities and older ones when the replace flooring. Biggest hurdle is getting them to put up SIGNAGE so folks know when facilities are looped and getting providers to suggest T-coils!!!


No, I am in Tucson, Arizona.

I currently have T-coil. The only place I have been able to use it is in church. Not many places I have gone to have it. I see value if the places you go to have that system. I’m in central Florida in the US.

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In my retirement living facility our meeting rooms are looped and so I have used a Pocket Talker 2.0 there nearly every day for 7 years.

I also looped my living room so that I get TV without disturbing others. The sound I get in all these places is the most normal I hear anywhere - very high quality.

Looping is inexpensive to set up and can even be done in the ceiling when floor installation isn’t possible. Remember though that loops only transmit sound from a mic or other recorded source. So I have a mic in my living room to hear others.

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Thanks for all your replies. I have ordered M90-RTs to replace my (just) still-in-trial M90-Rs. With no price difference, it made sense to. I should get them this week or next, so I’ll search for some places in London or SE England that have loops for me to try.

I’ll report back when I have had some success.

Thanks again.

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What is a bellman mini? It sounds great.