How to use two Bluetooth devices at the same time with KS9?

I have successfully been using my KS9s with my iphone for months. Super happy with 95% of the functionality! I have also paired them to my ipad.

But how do I have them both work at once. Or automatically “hand off” the connection from the one device to the other?

Thank you!

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Your KS9 aids will connect to 1 device only at a time.
Turn the Bluetooth off on the device you don’t want to stream from.


Or “disconnect”. I never turn bluetooth off on either iPhone or iPad .


I also thought that you could connect 2 bluetooth devices at the same time with the update of 06/15/2020 so that they will work like the Phonak Paradise, but this update seems not to have the same way of working.

Hopefully they will implement it in the next update, because it is a very useful advance.

The update made it so they could PAIR with 2 devices, not connect. Prior to that only one device could be paired at a time. Paradise can be CONNECTED with 2 devices and paired with 8.


A huge benefit of the paradise over the Marvel/KS9 I had not understood before.

Only if you need to switch almost instantly between the two sound sources, if all goes smoothly. You can still listen only one :smiley:

Switching with marvels takes just a few seconds. So for many use cases it’s still an awesome product.

Actually, on my setup marvels were faster than paradises for initial connection. Paradises take up to a minute or so to connect to my laptop after I turn it on. Marvels did it much faster if my memory serves me right.

My KS9s connect quite quickly to both of my computers. (I don’t use it with phone so it can be paired to both computers)

I have my ks9s/marvels connected to my iphone and my ipad. To switch from one to the other, I have to open up the right battery compartment on my aid, go to bluetooth on the device, click connect to ks9r, then close the battery door, and hope the new device connects before the old device reconnects. Open to ideas on ways to make this better.

Also, I have had a connection to my iphone and ipad (not simultaneously). Just for fun I just connected via bluetooth to my windows 10 computer. Does that mean one of my i-devices is no longer connectable, since the limit is 2?

My example is with an iPad and a Android phone. Both are always paired to Phonak Marvel or KS9 aids. One of those devices Bluetooth is always turned off. The one device that has the Bluetooth turned on is used to stream/connect to the aids.
If I want to switch which device is used for streaming, I turn the Bluetooth off on the the device that will not be streaming first, then turn on the Bluetooth on the device I will be streaming from next. The aids will automatically pick up the device that has the Bluetooth turned on.

No need to turn aids off.