How to use the t-coil function Oticon Safari 600's

Hi, so I found a place that would loan me a Contego 900. My son has the Oticon Safari 600’s. Unless I am missing something I think I have to have the audiologist set up something to use the t-coil function? There is no switch on his hearing aids. We have the volume switches disabled since he is 8 and autistic.


Yes, you will probably have to ask the audiologist to add a T-coil programme.

On many Oticon aids the volume switch doubles up as a programme switch: a short press adjusts the volume while a long press switches between programmes (if there is more than one programme installed).

However, I wonder if direct input shoes (rather than a neckloop + T-coil) would be a better option for your son? The sound quality is better, and also they are more “child-proof” than a neckloop, a big advantage if your child is very active or likes to fiddle with things.

I have that hearing aid and my streamer would be my T-coil loop since it has bluetooth :slight_smile: