How to unmute accidentally muted thread

I accidentally clicked Mute on a tread that I just wanted to change from Tracking to Normal. When I hit the back button I saw it quickly, but now cannot find it.

There is a setting that changes status from Normal to Tracking if you are in that thread for more than than 4 minutes. I got distracted on a phone call with the thread open. When I went to that tab again I saw Tracking and meant to change but clicked Mute as stated.

There is a similar thread, but I could not post in there, so a new thread.

Hopefully @AbramBaileyAuD or @rasmus_braun can tell me how to recover Muted threads, thank you.

Thank you, understand where to choose Mute, etc… The issue is that once the thread is Muted, I cannot find what it was. I had a task after the phone call, my intention was to set the thread to Normal and come back to it later. Now I do not know the title is, and scrolling back about two weeks I cannot find it. I’ve clicked on the first 20 threads under Latest, but none shows Muted.

Oh I’m sorry, I misunderstood. Did you try searching for it?

As best I could, I just do not remember the thread title. I just opened the thread, and got the phone call. I was on the call for 10 minutes or so, then came back to the tab quickly and saw it Tracking, went to change it to Normal, and saw I accidentally clicked Mute as it closed and disappeared.

I will need to investigate.

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Thank you.

It would be convenient to be able to see all threads - Watching, Tracking or Muted. Other forums I use have a section where you can see the status of various tracking/subscribed threads here. I
went through {references and found nothing like that.

Try this link: Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community

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That was it! Thank you very much,

I’ll keep that link in case I fat-finger a thread status again. :roll_eyes:

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This is just a “drive-by-post” ( :slightly_smiling_face:). Sorry if I misunderstand the problem - but when I look in my browser history, I see links to the Hearing Tracker threads I’ve visited - in fact, the site seems to generate a history link for each individual post that I scroll by. I’m using Chromium-based Edge. So I guess if you like to use a browser setting like “Clear History on Exiting,” you won’t have what I see in my History but if you did, it might address your issue.

My issue is solved. Thanks to the generous assistance of Abrahm, lt was resolved, and I learned from a mistake, and I saved a link for future instances of the same fat-finger fubar. I “panic-posted” here, 1) I was afraid I would forget and 2) I was not thinking clearly, 3) I had far more important things to deal with. I just did not want to loose the post,

I use Firefox or rarely, Chrome, both in Linux OS, to no Edge based on Chromium. I do not have “Clear History on Exiting”, but do have privacy and security settings configured. I usually have four virtual desktops running with a different browser running in three of them, often 3-10 tabs on each browser with different sites or servers connected

I just did not think to search browser histories at the time, the phone call required some complex tasks to be handled, and my brain is a little foggy thanks to some new temporary meds.