How to stream to only one hearing aid with Phonak target

Hello, I have two Audeo P70 312 and Phonak Target 8.0.3
I would like to stream (TV, Music, Phone) to one device only.
Someone now how to do it ?
Thank you in advance

Do you mean to Left, or Right only?
I should think you’d have to turn that off at the source (TV, Music, Phone etc). Usually when you dig into the settings you can change that.

Or, what is it you want to accomplish? Do you want high priority for hearing the person sitting next to you while you are streaming?

I would like have the left ear dedicated to hear conversations while I am on call or streaming music. Now I need to modify the level of streaming vs outside on the APP and it take time

Yes Left or Right only.
I would like to do it from Target for all the sources received but on the dashboard there isn’t the possibility to tune right and left separately for streaming programs

You have to open up two clients and program them separately.

That is the only way.

Means that also the programs that need two HAs to work like the Speech in Loud Noise will also not work.

This is the downside of Phonak HAs.

I recently discovered that you can adjust the level of streaming vs outside using the hearing aid buttons, when it’s in streaming mode. It’s so much faster. I’m sure this is superior than L and R being separate streams because it’s binaural.