How to Self Program Starkey HA's


@PVC I love your sense of humor :slight_smile: I’ve got the fitting software i need. Installed and running. Thanks to a member of this forum. Now I just need the surflink programmer. These are hard to find for some reason aint that right? But the HA’s I have now require black boots 312 as shown on pda chart somewhere on this forum. These are for Z series i110 ric 312. if I decide to go the hipro usb route with cables that what I need unfortunately those boots are hard to acquire as well. All other colors are available for sale online and of course on ebay I don’t know why the black one isn’t. I even asked the seller who sold other colors and he said “no”. Again I love your sense of humor. I really prefer the surflink programmer due to its ease of use and no wires. I would like a ball park figure with shipping included or if one of the dispenser is willing to sell to me locally. Whichever works… Help is greatly appreciated. I even post on the salespage if someones out there is selling one let me know. Thanks in advance.



You must mean SAVE, and not SAFE.