How to Self Program Starkey HA's

@PVC I love your sense of humor :slight_smile: I’ve got the fitting software i need. Installed and running. Thanks to a member of this forum. Now I just need the surflink programmer. These are hard to find for some reason aint that right? But the HA’s I have now require black boots 312 as shown on pda chart somewhere on this forum. These are for Z series i110 ric 312. if I decide to go the hipro usb route with cables that what I need unfortunately those boots are hard to acquire as well. All other colors are available for sale online and of course on ebay I don’t know why the black one isn’t. I even asked the seller who sold other colors and he said “no”. Again I love your sense of humor. I really prefer the surflink programmer due to its ease of use and no wires. I would like a ball park figure with shipping included or if one of the dispenser is willing to sell to me locally. Whichever works… Help is greatly appreciated. I even post on the salespage if someones out there is selling one let me know. Thanks in advance.

You must mean SAVE, and not SAFE.

Looks like the FTP site no longer has a copy of the software at that address, and I am unable to find any torrents. Does anyone have a copy that they would share? If you have a copy, I can arrange a secure upload site.

Hello all,

New visitor to this site.

Newer user of Livio AI’s. Not overjoyed with depth, quality and responsiveness of local support. I am technical. I am thrilled to learn that there are tools available that allow me to adjust profiles.

I can provide a detailed experience with the Livio’s, as I had compared them against 6 other options of varying price and functionality levels. Overall, while imperfect, they remain as the most fully featured devices of which I am aware.

Thank you for this community, and for all who share their expertise and wisdom.

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Hey new to self programming and need the new inspire software for my Starkey livio ai 2400. Thank you in advance any who can help me out. And also maybe direct me to getting hearing care anywhere set up to send setting to phone and skip nohalink

You can download Inspire right on the Starkey site.

I have spent a fair amount of time looking (and just did again) and was unable to find a download link.
Can you expand on that? URL? Would I need a professional account that I don’t have?
As mentioned, I did quite easily find and download the Target software, but that was not from teh manufacturer site.

Has anyone been able to install Inspire and PatientBase from scratch on a Windows 10 system? Inspire installs OK for me and works just fine with the Surflink programmer, but Starkey’s PatientBase installer always fails. It failed trying to install the other “Windows components”, but those I was able to install manually except for the SQL server 2008 and I can’t figure out why. I also wonder why Starkey is not using a more recent version of SQL from Microsoft, the most recent being 2017. It sure seems they have not QA’s the installer on Windows 10 very well.

I recommend that you turn off your antivirus software before installing it.

Install inspire, then install the Patient Base. There is a long pause and message while Inspire finds the data base file. I was able to get it to find the file quickly later. Yes, in WIndows 10.