How to select KS8 program choices?

While I know it is ideal to have one universal program that covers all situations, I suspect that is not going to happen. I initially though that the KS8 ability to handle 6 different programs would be lots, but now I’m struggling to get it down to 6. I suspect some will be kind of try it and see programs, that will either need to be changed or dropped, but my thinking is that I may as will fill up the 6 choices with something to try. I am not going to be programming these things, so I have to go back to Costco to get any changes. So, I am interested in what you think are good programs to have and which ones could possibly be dropped or covered by the Universal program. Here are my listening situations that I can think of in order of average duration in a day.

  1. Computer use. My keyboard clicks are not objectionable without aids. There is a TV off to my direct right that I frequently have on with speech being the important part. I don’t often use the audio on the computer, and if I really want to hear the TV, I will go sit in front of it, and not multi task.

  2. I spend about a hour a day at a gym. My main activities are the treadmill and X-trainer. The treadmill is somewhat noisy, and if someone is running beside me it can be real noisy. I often talk to a person on one side or the other. With my current loss in my left ear I really have a hard time talking to someone on my left, especially when there is someone on my right that is running. And there are those who are weight lifting and frequently drop their weights - big lower frequency noise!

  3. We have a big screen HD TV with a sound system. I sit fairly close and mainly listen to the the left, right and center speakers. Probably a 30-45 deg front focus. It would be my preference to not hear background noise, especially noise from the kitchen like the food processor, chopping, dishes rattling, etc… Our family room with the TV is open to the kitchen. I do not plan to direct stream sound from the TV.

  4. Driving car or truck, speaking with passengers, beside and behind. Listen to music sometimes.

  5. Restaurants with moderate background noise. I currently have significant issues hearing other people at my table in this situation. Probably this is the only situation that has driven me to try hearing aids, as it compromises the experience. I miss over half the conversation, and am constantly asking people to repeat themselves. If I want one system to work well, it is this one.

  6. Outdoor activities - camping, fishing, and occasional sports

  7. Listening to music on my HiFi sound system. I have the volume up and I sit down to listen like it was a live concert. Not used for background music.

  8. Talking on a landline phone. We have a VOIP system (Ooma), and the sound quality varies. Most times good, but at other times not so good. I don’t use a cell phone.

So what are your thoughts? Which activities could be well addressed by the Universal program, and which ones are needed as special programs. I plan to use the magnet activated XPhone feature on our land line phones, and I probably don’t need it in the infrequent times I might use a cell phone (my wife’s) or at a hotel or resort. I’m retired, so no work phone to worry about.

The KS8 User Manual has an example list of “canned” programs that I suspect are a one click choice in the programming software. Most are a good starting point. My issue is to get the total number to 6…

I’ve got a Comfort in Noise program even tho I’ve got it in my automatic program. I also got Speech In Wind and Roger program. I can fit 5 programs in total but don’t feel the need to use them up.

From past experience, this isn’t nearly important as it seems now. I started off with multiple programs and currently have the Automatic, Noise/Party and Outside. I think those 3, plus a music one could meet all your needs.

For your numbered situations:
1-Either automatic or the noise program
2-Noise program
3- Automatic, although I highly suggest streaming
4-Automatic–in the automatic program-there’s a car environment that’s selected automatically
5-Noise Program
6-Outdoor program
7-Music program
8-Sounds like Automatic will work-- you could try adding xphone

So, if you add music, TV streaming and xphone you’re up to 6

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The Automatic program has its own sort of internal programs/modes that it switches around automatically. Each mode can be individually tailored somewhat.
I rarely switch programs. I’m more of a set it and forget it kind of user.
So to break down those programs…
the tv needs the tx,
Noise/Party - automatic has this,
iFocus 360 - I never used the version in the KS7 and you can control the mics with the app,
Music - removes sound processing letting in more dynamics - automatic has a bit of a music mode too,
Reverb Reducer - never used it,
Outdoors - probably a lot like music except for wind,
XPhone - I can’t remember if this needed its own program or whether it can just flip to that mode on its own or if the program needs to be there to flip to - I tried it once but I don’t need it - I find it a bit clunky to use,
Telecoil - I have my own home loop and my KS7’s don’t stream so I use this on the rare occassion.

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Speech in loud noise, and maybe music. I think the KS8 uses a program slot for the tv transmitter, if you use that. I keep a slot or two open to try things. My pro will set up two everything programs, one with frequency compression and one without, for example, and let me try it both ways. It can be very useful to have test programs so you can see what you like.

Good suggestions. I thought I would try this for a start:

Universal – computer, car
Noise/Party – gym, restaurant
Outdoors – outdoors
Music Live Concert – HiFi at home trial
Music Recorded – HiFi at home trial
TV Focused - Universal with narrow front focus?

XPhone - If I have a spot left over later

I would like to try both music options and then dump the one I don’t like, and probably replace it with XPhone. I would also like to try the Universal program with some kind of moderately narrow focus to use a dedicated TV program. I would like to kill noise from behind me and to the side. Or would it be better to use the noise program with a narrow focus?

Does the KS8 rocker switch go “round the clock”? i.e. from 1 straight to 6? If so it would seem the most commonly used functions should be on one and six?

That’s a term I’ve not heard before in this kind of context. Yes it wraps around. Go “backwards” from 1 and you get to 6. Go forward from 6 and you get to 1.

My TV remote drives me nuts because for certain selections on the menu you have to go in sequence.

The noise program comes default with a narrow focus. The universal program is the only one you can vary directional focus with (either with smartphone app, or with buttons if audi configures it that way. The rocker switch gives you the ability to go forward or back, so all options are within 3 pushes.

There is a directional program that you can select manually, one of the 6 program slots. Then in the app you can adjust the width of the “cone of sound”, for front facing cone. If I remember, if you select left, right, or rear then you can’t adjust the width.

I see this screenshot for the Connexx Smart Direct app. I have a Samsung phone with a dead sim card that I used to download this app and was planning on using it as a remote for the HA’s until I decide if I really need it. I think MDB is saying that this focus tool only works in the Universal program? In the long run I was hoping to not need the smart phone, and just get away with the programs. But, I will try it and then decide…

No, there is a manual program also.

@Don , to clarify. I was going from my expience with KS7s and complaints I’d heard about KS8s.

Are you saying that with the Smart Direct app and KS8s you can use the microphone pattern adjustment in programs other than the automatic or universal program? Also in KS7, it’s possible to use Connexx or have your fitter do it, to use hearing aid buttons to control directionality. I don’t know if that’s still the case in KS8.

No, my bad. I looked at the app again and you are absolutely correct. The microphone pattern (the cone of sound) is only available in the main program for KS8, as you indicated.

No, I was completely wrong about this. The cone of sound adjustment is only available for the main program, as MDB indicated before.

Now that I have downloaded the Connex8 and played around with it a bit, perhaps the best bet is to just ask for the most suitable canned choices, and then come back at another fitting visit with requested fine tuning to them…? At least in simulation mode these choices sure do not indicate much about what is included in the options.


Keep looking :slight_smile:
You’ll see these programs listed in other tabs and they are each adjustable. But this is wandering into DIY territory.
You’ll also find the automatic program with it’s internal modes that are also each adjustable though not as much as a separate program.

Thanks. I have now found where the features of each program are identified under the Fine Tuning tab. That is very helpful in deciding what programs to use and if I want any adjustments to them. I will drop the Live Music program and add the XPhone or TV watching specific program. Need to play around more to see if the TV one would be worth it.

For some reason this AM the Smart Direct app that I have always used to change channels on my KS8s is no longer able to find my HAs. Do you know if that app no longer supports the KS8s?

Mine does on an iPhone. See my other post on it.