How to remove Siemens Click Dome without a tool?

I have Siemens hearing aids and one of the wax guards broke, I have new ones but the OLD clickdome connector is still attached to the hearing aid - so I cannot click in the new wax guards. I do not have the tool needed to remove the little plastic collar and I am not in reach of mail or delivery services. Anyone have an idea of how to get the little collar off without breaking more stuff? Thanks for any ideas.

I could get mine off with just a piece of sturdy cardboard, as in cut a very small “U” into the card, this way no broken finger nails!
You could use just about anything so long as it’s not to thick.

Thanks tried that but I guess I don’t have sturdy enough cardboard :slight_smile:

Yeah I’d say that’s this issue, as they definitely shouldn’t be that hard to get off, why not just use a really small screwdriver, jewellers type, and being careful, I’m sure you could just pop it off without to much effort.

I just pop mine off with my thumbnail

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