How to remove background noises and conversations during Zoom calls?

I have been using my Phonak hearing aids with the ZOOM program to converse with my patients doing Telemedicine thru the pandemic. I can understand all of my clients and vice versa. My Audiologist is great and she recommended these to me about a year ago. I am 90% deaf in my left ear and 50% in my right ear.
My question is the following: Once a week I meet with other staff in a meeting. There are usually 7-10 other health care providers present. I use ZOOM to connect to these meetings, just as I have done with individual patients. Now, as a group, I hear background conversations and find them annoying and interfere with my hearing the speakers clearly at our meeting.
Is there an easy solution to get rid of the background sounds and conversations? Why is this happening?

Everybody except person speaking needs to be on “mute.” Sometimes meeting moderator will do this. Sometimes it’s up to individuals.


BTW, in Zoom down on the Zoom “taskbar” under Reactions, there is a “Raise Hand” feature. If other participants complain about MDB’s suggestion to go on MUTE ("How will anyone know when I have something to say if I can’t interrupt?!, etc.), the purpose of the RAISE HAND feature is to get the moderator’s (meeting host’s) attention silently without interrupting any speaker. A moderator or meeting host can encourage proper Zoom etiquette by e-mailing everyone a polite list of etiquette expectations along with the Zoom meeting invitation.

Because of the pandemic our neighborhood association board has switched to having its monthly meetings via Zoom. Almost all participants mute their mikes (one usually has a lot of dogs barking in the background at his house!) but I have to say, in the interests of full disclosure, as a non-board member attending under Texas requirements that neighborhood association board meetings be open, the Raise Hand feature does not always get the moderator’s attention (I have no idea how that shows up for them on their screen view). So one can repeatedly lower and raise hand via the Reactions menu item or if all else fails, just unmute your mic and interrupt!!!


I will see if this flies with my colleagues. Thanks for your input.