How to pick between Phonak Audeo Yes V and IX

Hi all,

I have on loan Phonak Audeo Yes V and IX? I’ve had them for three days but are none the wiser as to which model is better suited to me. I am overwhelmed by the new sounds. Bedazzled by the technology. Confused by everything hearing and HA related at the moment. I have them another week with possible extension.

How did you choose your first pair? How did you know you have the right pair? After reading about the extra features of IX I am still confused. Will it become more obvious which pair suits me as the excitment of hearing things dies down?

*** PLUS *** To compare would it be best to rotate between the two aids daily or every few hours?

Thanks Sharon

Fisrtly make sure your aud allows you to return an aid within about 30 days if you are not satisfied with it. Then try the Audeo YEs V for the credit return period (30 days). If you feel you should or could be hearing better than you are with them, exchange them for the YES IX’s, if the IX’s are no better return them for the V’s again. This way you don’t buy into features you might not need and you should have enough time to adjust to the hearing aids in order to evaluate if your needs are met satisfactorily with the less expensive options first.