How To Insure My HAs

I’ve lost ONE of my HAs. (Long, stupid story.)

I contacted Allstate, who has my homeowners and my auto policies. They do not cover them, and will not give me a rider to cover the replacement HAs in the future.

I did a search and found a few old threads about this, but was wondering if anyone has newer, more up-to-date information.

This is the only I’m aware of.

Your auto policy definitely would not cover them. When you bought them did they come with insurance? Mine came with a 3 year warranty with a $250 deductible from Buyhear. Costco I believe has a 2 year no deductible plan included when you buy the aids.

Costco definitely. If you buy them with a Costco credit card – in Canada, at least – the warranties get extended to five years. There’s one warranty that covers repairs and replacement parts, and another one that covers loss and damage. One is two years, and the other three (without the credit-card-extension-thing). No deductible.

This is why I went to Costco in the first place. I lost my (non-Costco, non-insured) hearing aids. It was easy to do. I didn’t want to get stuck like that again.

Per my OP, Allstate has my homeowners and my auto policies. I’ve been with them for 20 years, yet they have no interest. Where’s the loyalty? :frowning:

I got mine through Costco, but their loss policy only covers you for 2 years. I’ve had mine for 2-1/2 years.

Thanks - I’m looking at that right now… offers hearing aid warranties and is recommended by the Hearing Loss Association of America - you get. 10% off the premium if you are a member of HLAA.

Isn’t that always the way? :frowning:

I signed up with them.

They rejected me because I bought my HAs at Costco! :eek:

I’ll try them next…

If you got yours using their credit card, you should check with the card to see if the warranty for loss is extended as well as the other warranty.

I didn’t :frowning:

That’s a good point, about the credit card. (Even if sadly it’s too late for you, dglenday.) One selling point for Costco was their credit card’s extended warranties. I called MasterCard to check, and they told me quite explicitly that both the 3-year warranty for repair/replacement, and the 2-year one for loss, would be extended to 5 years.