How to improve sound quality of streamed music?


First of all, English is not my first language. i may not expression it well
AUDI said i have some high frequency lost, the thing is i have no trouble hearing people’s talk.
but i have tinnitus like 10 more years and getting worst recently. according to the Doctor said maybe caused by hearing lost,he doesn’t know.
So i decide to wearing a hearing aid just in case that tinnitus is getting worst and worst.
Right now im on a Phonak marvel m90R trial
My question is, does Program like autosence affect streaming music from BLE?Cause the sound quality is so bad from streaming, there is no bass at all. I know its a hearing aid, i should not asking to much about it, but still wish there is way to improve the sound quality while streaming music.
other thing is can i control the music from hearing aid, i know how to pause music, but how about swtich to next song, dont know how to do it.



When you stream music the only sound you hear comes direct from the hearing aid receiver (speaker). Nothing comes in from the outside. Normally this causes a significant loss in bass. The programming software that you fitter has should have a program where an equalization can be applied which boosts this bass, and perhaps the cuts the midrange.

Controlling the streaming will be part of the app that you are using to stream. If it is iTunes for example then there should be controls in the app to control the music source.



A tighter seal with no leakage produces base. Just stick your finger with your existing ear tip to seal. This gives you an idea. You likely have an open fit type ear tip.



Yes, of course. Regarding open-fit ear tips (open domes), they have poor bass response.

But to answer q.zixiao’s question, in the case of my Marvel M70-R’s, there’s a separate “program” for Bluetooth music apart from the “Autosense” system, and it deterministically switches to this program when BT music streams in. Your audi can set the frequency response in this program separate from other Autosense modes or any other programs you may have. I believe it’s even different from Bluetooth Handsfree for phone calls.

I know that comparably few people yet have Bluetooth, but does anyone know what is reasonable to expect out of the HA’s without damaging them? My hearing is well compensated with open domes and I’d hate to go to closed domes or molds. But how much bass could we expect to get out of the RIC speakers? I would at least like to get some, to make BT music listening palatable and even to augment phone call audio. (And I’m not talking about overwhelming, thumping, booming, 80’s pop bass, I’m just talking about being able to hear it at all.)

My audi can adjust the output frequency response and we already boosted the bass some, but it’s still really poor as you might imagine. Perhaps I’ll have to carry around foam earplugs and stick them in when I want to listen to music.

But to repeat, has anyone boosted their bass (with open domes) enough to hear it?



Can only comment of the Connexx software, but it allows up to 18 dB boost or cut across the sound spectrum. By default they seem to get 15 dB boost in the bass up to 750 Hz with open fittings, and about 5 dB for a closed fitting. The closed of course is already getting benefit from the restricted leakage out, and if necessary could be boosted up to 18 dB – at least in the software. But if the receivers can take it with open fittings, they should be able to take it with closed fittings. I suspect the ear would complain about too much bass though!

That is probably my next step with my aids. I want to take them in with my iPhone and try different boosts and cuts. My ears are currently telling me a need more bass and less midrange with streaming. Bass is kind of OK, but weak. Rim shots on a drum sound like a rifle going off.

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I have tried everything, nothing works. That is, if you are serious about fidelity and insist upon listening to music wearing hearing aids.

You can get passible results by directing the music through one of the decent equalizer apps.

When I am serious about fidelity I remove the aids, put on good headphones, and still run the music thru an equalizer to adjust for my hearing loss.

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I would love to have better quality music audio when streaming through my Oticon S1s. If anyone has any suggestions on what to tell my audiologist at my next appointment on how to do that, I’m all ears.

Meanwhile, I find more than acceptable quality listening through good speakers. Also, putting Bose noise cancelling headphones over my hearing airs works fine for me. I get no feedback or distortion. If I plan to do heavy steaming and want to walk around I have better fidelity with AirPods than hearing aids.



See my post about how to make Spotify stream with more bass.



I have the OPN1 ITE hearing aids and I have found that with my latest adjustments streaming from my music on the IPhone sounds just as good as using my Bose Hearphones. But I have to qualify it by saying that I haven’t ever had a ear for music. What was changed was increasing the bass of my hearing aid setting. It made a world of difference not only with music but also with speech understanding too.



cvkemp, do you have open domes, closed domes, earmold, or what?

Thank you.



I wear custom in the ear hearing aids with 2 mm vents

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Oh, thanks. Missed that.