How to have one cell phone with a hearing impaired person and one who is not?

Hi all, I wear hearing aids and my husband doesn’t. We only have the flip flop phone so outdated.

My question is: If we only want one phone and one phone number, how will that work with my hearing aids which will require blue tooth? Will my husband be able to hear sounds normally?

Thank yu my hearing aid family.

If you use the Bluetooth connection and your husband doesn’t should not be a problem at all.
If you don’t use Bluetooth the volume control on the phone is pretty handy to adjust quickly for each of you.

I don’t see why it would be an issue to share a phone.

It is hard enough being hearing impaired, why add another frustration? Why not get another phone? Right now, if you are not together, one of you doesn’t have a phone. The highest percentage of my calls are to my wife.


I think you are right. We will get two phones. Thank you.