How to get Free XfM cellphone service, Well $1.27 so it's almost free


Well, free except for taxes per line (in my case tax x2 lines = $2.55 per month)
You must carry one other XfM service, I have their ISP service (Internet Service Provider).

  • Uses the Verizon Network
  • Free unlimited cellular phone calls (including free Voice mail)
  • Free unlimited cellular text messaging (SMS or MMS-to-multiple-parties includes sending/receiving pictures or video)

Oh, there was the cost of the phones; LG Stylo 4 (16GB) $240+$21 Tax x2 = $522 (minus 2x $100 prepaid Visa for minus $200) = $322 total phone cost for 2 phones. The prepaid Visa offers seem to be continuously changing.

Signed up on the 1-GB of cellular data plan for $12 (but the first 100MB of cellular data per account is free):

  • We set Android/Settings/Network and Internet/Mobile data Off
  • We set Android/Settings/Google/Data Management to Update Drive-enabled app files (Over Wi-Fi only)
  • We set Android/Settings/Network and Internet/for each individual App Set background data usage Off
  • We Use WiFi whenever possible, at home and there are XFINITY hot spots that you can use for free.
  • Our current cellular data usage per account (for both lines) is about 1.5mb per week x4 = 6MB or 7MB per month
  • 7MB per month is comfortably well below the 100MB for free threshold so I see no problem with keeping these free

If you get your phone from the “Neighborhood Store” as opposed to getting Fedex shipping, then you should try to take control of the phone as soon as it is enabled. Sometimes the sales person will “help you” by click-signing your lawful contracts for you, and then your phone will proceed to update android and update your apps. You should want to change your Android settings as quickly as possible so as not to waste 10MB (or so) of cellular data just from doing the initial setup. You should quickly shutdown mobile cellular data by doing at least the first two Android settings mentioned above.

Some Caveats: I have only done this for Android, not for Apple-iPhones. Though, I think keeping your cellular data below 100MB will also work for iPhones.

If you use your cellphone as a computer and you like to burn up the cellular data using cloud storage or apps like games, FB, UTube-videos, GPS-Map-Directions, or similar then this ain’t gonna work for you.

But if you just want to have a cellphone with free unlimited calls, plus free unlimited text, then this is your huckleberry!



I think you’d also have the option of using it on wifi. I do all my updates on wifi. When you say you have their ISP service, do you mean you get your internet from them? Pretty sure ISP is Internet Service Provider, but never sure with acronyms.



Thanks for jogging my memory; I made changes to the OP/original post to say:

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • The prepaid Visa offers change each month or so.
  • We use WiFi whenever possible, at home and there XFINITY hot spots that you can use for free.


Here’s our cellular/mobile data usage for the second month at no charge, only $2.55 tax. We only used 2.99MB of 100MB for free. That’s only about about 3% of the for-free threshold of 100MB.


Also XfM has discussion forums for this.



We find it very easy to stay comfortably below our 100MB-Mobile-Data for free limit. Actually we only use about 6% of the 100MB-of-Mobile-Data limit.

Thus we are getting a first-class cellphone plan for $1.27 per month. I say first class because XfM uses the Verizon network.

Also (after 90 days) I did receive one of the two $100 Pre-Paid Visa Cards.

This beats any low-cost cellphone that I know about!!



Yes, definitely a great deal. I pretty much have one ISP available in my area, but don’t consider ~$22 a month for Consumer Cellular for 250mb data too bad. I know several people who’s monthly cell phone bill (including phone payments) is aroung $100. For those that like having some sort of a land line, OOMA VOIP is a great deal.