How to Force Two Images To Be Side-By-Side?

I’m have a problem getting the submitted version of my post to show the two images it contains side-by-side (there’s theoretically plenty of room to do so) GN Hearing first to support direct Android streaming using ASHA

I presume the answer is to create a table in markdown and insert the images and headings in cells in the table.

But when I try to edit the space more simply, the forum PREVIEW shows the images nicely side-by-side but as soon as I save my post, the images go to being one after the other. Not so nice (and that’s why the post has been edited so many times).

BTW, when I tried to create this most, the forum AI showed me the following information. Looks like it kinda needs a little improvement or maybe it’s having a HAL 9000 day?!

Your topic is similar to…

Fixed it for you…

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