How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]


I was able to download it today, thank you pvc :top:


I downloaded the Genie software with the link above. When I get to the Family screen I do not see an option for Opn at all. Am I missing something?


Do you see the same as this page? If not, what is missing?

Is it Genie 2 version 2017.1? You can find that under Help -> About


Go back up to the top/OP/Original Post and read the Oticon: section about Genie/Genie 2.


I found the Genie2 exe file in the installed files. :blush:


Been hunting around trying to get a copy of Phonak Target 5.2.

All the Phonak Fitting SW links i try say access denied, is there something i need to do to get around this?


Maybe someone can share the installation files to you.


Hi, I sharing a copy of phonak target 5.2.34894 to you from my google drive, I never used google drive to share a files, any question, please let me know.


Thanks for the download working great :+1:


Your a legend, thank you so much, worked perfectly.


Hey pvc,
Thank you so much for the links to the fitting software.
This has been a real help to me to provide assistance my hearing impaired friends and maximize the performance of their aids.


Since someone has complained to Google, the link has expired。


just putting it in one of those free cloud storage accounts and publishing the download link here seems so much easier.


It’s not easier, also I changed it to make it simpler.


Thank you for the links you provide!! Bernafon’s rar file isn’t working…could you please fix it?


Try the next link that follows where it says (-both included from Bernafon/CA).
You will have to answer some simple questions.
When it asks In which country are you are based, use the pull down to select Greece.

Oh, it takes a long time to download, so monitor your download folder.


Downloaded it but I keep getting an error when trying to install it :frowning:

Thank you anyway!


Hmmmmm; what is the error?


At the end of the installation prosses, I get a message “installation failed”.


Which OS, Windows 10?