How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]


I have Starkey Inspire 2018.0, need please PM me


I would like to download the Target 5.3 software


Hello pvc , for phonak is iPFG software more complete than Target software ? Thanks


Ah! Let me guess it’s difficult to find Target’s Software for personal fitting, right?..


I’d like to download the Target 5.3 software, thanks


Would like the Inspire X 2018.0…

Can’t figure out how to PM anyone, the forum post here says to click their profile and find a “Message” button at the top… Which I do not see.


The avatar also does not have a “Message” button, either… I had already tried that (in addition to looking at a person’s profile and looking at my own mailbox) before even looking for a help-post.

Secondarily, the Starkey Inspire 2018.0 is not red, but also doesn’t give me a file when I enter the given password…

Edit: I just tried it in Firefox instead of Chrome, and the file download worked.


Hey Everone!

I would like to download the Target 5.3 software


Hey everyone. If any kind stranger has a local copy or working link they can share for the Starkey Inspire 2018 software, it would be much appreciated. An older copy would also work. I am just looking for anything 2016 or newer that will run on Windows 10. Thanks.


Hi all. I am looking for the Phonak Target 5.3 software.
Will gladly pay forward.


Hi. I would like to know where I can get a copy of Phonak Target 5.3 or 5.2 software. I just bought an icube 2 box. Thank you in advance.


Somebody who’s got it – i.e. one of the umpteen people I have provided it to via WeTransfer – upload it to

Then, message all these nice people who want it, with the WeTransfer link.

Thus, you have, as they say, paid it forward.

I’ve done it a bunch of times but I’m on holiday and don’t feel like uploading it again. (WeTransfer links expire after 7 days.)


Hi all. I am looking for the Phonak Target 5.3 software.
Will gladly pay forward.


Hi, I am looking for the Starkey Inspire 2018 software.


Hello to all! Jumping on board in this thread as I am also in search of the latest Phonak Target 5.3 software. In the spirit of the community sharing philosophy I will send the suggested pm, and I am more than willing to pay it forward as well. Actually looking forward to it! Thanks to all for this resource!


Hello to all! I need Phonak Target 5.0 or 5.3 software. and I am willing to pay it forward. Pls help i need to configure my compilot @pvc @Corona1

I cannot send PMs there is no Message button in ur profiles so sorry :frowning:

Last edit - Now it appeared thx all


Looking for Phonak Target 5.2 or later. Welcome PMs in the spirit of this thread.


Hi Everyone,

I also would like to download the Phonak Target software for my Phonak Bolero Q50’s
Will send a PM, as instructed.

Thx JW


Hi also looking for phonax target software. Will pay it forward. Pm sent. Thanks


Just PM’d. Looking for Phonak Target 5 software.