How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]


Much appreciated! I’ll research. Though I’m a lifetime phonak user I hope to find something a bit universal. I’m back on these forums after a 10 year hiatus so I’ll do some research. If you or anyone else has actually programmed Brio/Brio 2’s with something I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise I’m headed to the search function. Again, thank you!

p.s. I know the difference between hardware and software and was VERY briefly hoping they could be programmed over bluetooth



Anybody self program Phonak Brio or Brio 2

Instead of Brio 2 being listed as a hearing aid model, I believe that you will have to use the Detect feature for that hearing aid model to show up as one of the hearing aid models.

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Thanks pvc, your help is fantastic!

Edit: According to another user’s post, the iCube II works fine. Sure would be cool if programming could be done via the Compilot II since it looks pretty much like the iCube w/ neckloop, etc. Anyone crack one open and see if they contain the same chips?



You need a programming device, period. Other similar looking devices, or apps, or whatever, will not work.



I get it. Was thinking out loud because I tinker w/ various electronics as a hobby

Another Edit: pvc – I tend to goof around when I write but I know you’re trying to keep the record straight on a permanent archive. I see your posts literally everywhere, so I’m just another guy sending kudos your way.



Hi just got a ICUBE 2 to programme V90 HA please can some one point me in the direction of software


Phonak software help

Connexx 8 for Miracle Ear



I did see the tree fall, but could not hear it, need to adjust my HA’s oh maybe now I can. Thank you all but still a long road ahead. Just looking at the simulator, nice to see what can be done.



Updated OP for 846…



I would like help finding Phonak Target.




Actually I think that if you have an installed copy of Target and an update comes along, say 5.1 to 5.2, the install file is located at the C:/program data/PhonakTarget/webupdates/xxxxxxxx. Don’t hold me to that location. It is something like that. This install file will be the entire 5.2 install.
Now, you need to download the update but pause before clicking to proceed with the install. Go find and save a copy of the 5.2 before clicking to proceed with the update install. When the update install completes the 5.2 install file will be deleted and not reachable with normal undelete procedures.



Starkey Inspire has something similar. After you download an update to Starkey Inspire it gives you the option to Apply the update or Save the update. When/if you save the update it is the full/entire installation file.

Of course this doesn’t help unless you have an older version to start with.

Also, you cannot update legacy versions to become modern/latest versions.



Hi, I’m a newbie. Developed sudden onset hearing loss in my left ear 1 month ago just before Christmas and now unaidable. Now I’m in the process of getting a BiCROS hearing system from Phonak as previously I depended on my left ear and my right ear had high frequency loss. Anyway, I was interested in getting accessories and programing myself and was wondering whether you have a link you can send me privately for the Target 5.2 software as previous links have deteriorated. Sorry if I’ve broken any etiquette rules. This is a new world to me.



Hi, I’m also a newbie. I started using my devices 3 days ago, Apparently the Starkey Inspire 2017.1 software dissappear.



I downloaded the connexx 6.5.5 about a week ago and it worked perfectly. Someone said it didn’t work.



Can someone please share with me the Phonak Target 5.2.0 software?

I know i need to purchase a Noahlink Wireless device, but once i have that, how difficult it is to tweak my programming of the Audio B Direct?




You may be the trail blazer for programming Phonak Audio B Direct’s. They are wireless programming only, and the wireless programming device must be Noahlink Wireless. Note that ReSound’s Airlink 2 is the same device and will become a NoahLink Wireless after applying a Firmware update to the Airlink 2.

DIY - How to Self Program the Phonak Audéo B

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Check your PM. Paid it forward!



I can’t see anywhere on here where someone successfully downloaded and installed the Starkey Inspire X 2018.0. Does anyone mind PM’ing me the link to the download? For this, I will pay it forward several times. :slight_smile:

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I need a link for the Phonak Target 5.2.0 software if someone could PM me please. I’ll be glad to return the favor/pay it forward to other members.

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