How to explain to audi to set my digi HA to work like analog?

Hi guys. I’m in process of switching to a digital hearing aid after using analog for about 8-9 years and i’m finding it rather difficult. Perhaps it is the way it is adjusted, I don’t know, but with digital HA the sound is just not the same. I’ve been using a Siemens Intuis ITE for around a few weeks now. The problem I’m having is with speech and music. Speech sounds like I’m in a large gym room with this booming echo. Music is completely ruined for me. I don’t even know how to describe it but it sounds like a distorted mess. These problems were nonexistent with my Phonak analog ITC. The audi keeps telling me that digital is far greater than analog, but it’s not working for me.

I want to go back to analog but before I do, I thought I should ask my audi to try to adjust the hearing aid to work like analog. I don’t know how to explain this to the audi. I want to replicate the analog hearing aid completely, meaning I don’t want any effects such as noise reduction, etc. After looking through the forums, I compiled a short list of things to mention to the audi:

  • set to linear compression (disable compression)
  • no features like noise reduction
  • use the 360 microphone only (not sure what it’s called, but the other one is called directional)
  • no automatic volume control or volume cut-offs

Am I missing something? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Hi analog:
First of all, your name is very similar to me, analoglover. Yes, I have problem to switch from programmable analog to digital. Your questions listed are also my questions. Unfortunately, no one still can set a freaking digital like my Beltone CSp-II, even Beltone digital.
Please let me know how your dispenser adjust your hearing aid to feel like analog.
Here is my experience:

  1. Don’t tell them to adjust to analog. They will increase the kneepoint, or turn off compression to make you feel the sound is lound but not clear. Even worse.
  2. You should ask them to adjust like digital but less compression, but with clear speech with enough and comfortable high tone. My experience is either digital HA is too low tone or the high tone is too loud to make you can’t hear speech and very uncomfortable.
    Again, please let me know if your dispenser can adjust the HA to make you hear speech better and comfortable.


Paul, when I read the post I did a double-take, and realized from the post count that the OP was a new poster with similar issues. I hope you both find something that works for you. My first aids 6 years ago were Widex Diva digital aids. Getting used to them was an experience. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. :o

The Oticon Sumo DM has a linear fitting formula where it sets the instrument very like analogue… Then the audi can disable all other features like NR…

I suspect Supero will have something like that and the bernafon extreme as well

What are you currently using?

I was thinking of listing what I would to to help an analog lover convert, and I was thinking of how I’ve successfully done this many times myself. I was going to write a post on it, but then I looked back at your subject heading. How do you tell your audi how do achieve this.

By my estimation, you shouldn’t have to. If your hearing professional does not already know how to do this, I would respectfully suggest you find another one.

Digital is not new any more. They have had plenty of time to train, to experiment and to learn. The problem is that most hearing professionals you will meet, qualified before the digital revolution, and some were not expecting it and are not very computer savvy.

So I would ask my professional to make it sound analog, and see what they do. If they fail, then I’d find another one. I hate to be harsh, but understanding how to do this is a critical skill for bringing people like you into the digital world. If they don’t have that skill, then they don’t deserve your business.

When I go to the doctor for help, I don’t take him a bunch of print outs from WebMD telling him what to do. And when you go see a hearing professional, you should not need information from a forum like this telling him how to do his job. He should already know. Call me a wishful thinker!