How to edit old profile text?

When you click on my profile (go ahead – I dare you!) there is some descriptive text, about my HAs and audiogram, that I created years ago. Much of it’s now obsolete, but I don’t see any way to change it. Is there a way?

click on avatar in upper right (your “beige?” B)
a drop down opens
click on the gear (Preferences) to the right in the little icons
scroll down so you see Profile under Account under Summary on the left
click on Profile
About me box

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Thanks Z10, but no gear here; and the Hearing Tracker Profile link seems to be a dead end.

Your icon in the upper right corner.
The gear is behind that icon.

Hmm? I don’t see anything in the upper right corner – do you mean above the text “Jan. 2018”? Just white space for me, as shown in the screen shot I posted.

Scroll the main window scroll bar all the way up.
You should see a top blue bar.
Then a “bar” with the logo on the left and some icons on the right. The furthest right is your avatar. From there…

I think you are clicking on your B button in a post. You need to go to the top right of the whole screen and click on it there. I just followed z10’s instructions and it worked for me.

Ohhhh, OK! It took only three Forum champs to help me navigate this Nobel-worthy task!

(Thanks, guys.)

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I updated my audiogram and my word recognition but only the new audiogram “took.” The word recognition remains an old one that is now wishful thinking.

Try signing in via the Home link on the top blue tool bar, and you may find a place to update it there. All I know is that I had one heck of the time getting that part to “take”.