How to connect Oticon Streamer to TV?

Hey Guys

My first post here. My GF purchased a Oticon Streamer for her mother. She was told she needed to purchase a separate “blue tooth adapter” to connect it to her TV. Can someone point me in the direct for what we have to buy.

Be advised this Streamer is NOT V1.2 and can not work with the new Oticon equipment.


Tommy D

Okay so you need to bring in your streamer to your provider and have them send it to Oticon. They will update it for you. Then purchase oticons TV Box to work with the streamer and the tv.

Ok, hold on a moment… there must be a BETTER way.

Reason being we purchased this streamer… oh I don’t know 3 months ago. It was purchased to specifically use with a “aftermarket” adapter and TV.

That said there must be 3rd party equipment out there that will “convert” my TV to Bluetooth and transmit to the streamer. We were told a trip to Radio Shack would yield what we need. :confused:


Tommy D

Oh ya for sure, just go get a bluetooth adapter from radio shack with the red/white audio cables. Plug it into your audio out jacks of the tv. Sounds like you knew your answer. I thought you were wanting to go the oticon route. Best of luck

what kind of hearing aids? This is obvious but just making sure… they have to be oticon aids and must be supported by the streamer.

Yes, they are Oticon brand aids, not sure of the model mind you.

By any chance could you point to a link for this Radio Shack adapter? I checked there site on-line for “blue tooth adapter” and could not find it.

Thanks Much!!

Tommy D

First off make sure the aids are rather Epoqs or Duals. If not the streamer won’t work anyways, if they are oticon epoq’s or duals then just go to radio shack and ask if they have a bluetooth adapter for the tv. I’m not sure what they have personally.

ps… the streamer has to be setup by her hearing aid clinic to work with the aids.

You can also use the Artone TVB bluetooth transmitter and pair it with the Oticon Streamer.

We have them on our site and in stock at:

upload the new firmware

The TV has a natural delay, the new tv solution has solve that problem.
You can use say, a jabra adaptor however- she would hear a delay.

Senheiser sells a TV solution

you mention uploading the new streamer firmware…can we/audi do this? I understood that the streamer had to be sent back to Oticon, which seems a bit of a bother!