How to connect my Roger Select iN to a FM receiver?

I attend a meeting weekly where the speaker is using an FM PA system. With my prior Naida V,
I would plug in my personal FM receiver to my streamer and got a great reception. I now have the
Marvel 90-13 and a Select iN which I assumed would work the same way NOT. The Select works
with my computer, but I get no sound from the FM receiver. Right now the only thing I can do is
wear my Naida’s and the streamer to the meeting. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can
use the select, or what might be hindering in making a connection with the FM receiver.

Could you set the Select device at the speakers podium?

I can’t do that :frowning: Thanks for the suggestion.

The Roger pen is another choice for you. The speaker could put the pen in their shirt pocket.

The new Roger system is very nice if applied correctly.

The FM is analog. The Roger is digital. There’s no way they’ll work together.

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I think OP was trying to plug the FM receiver into the Select [via an audio cable]. Does Select even have an audio input? Their ad copy says it takes a USB plug from a computer.

As near as I can tell from the Roger Select manual, the Select itself only has a USB connector.

The Docking Station, on the other hand, appears to have an audio input.

@HolmesHunter, I think you need the docking station. Or if that’s too expensive just get a TV Connector off Ebay.

Now that I said that I wonder if power will be an issue.

The docking station may or may not take the audio input without external power being applied. It may have preamps or other active circuitry inside that requires power.

I know the TV connector definitely needs external power.

Your other option is to get a compact, battery-powered BT transmitter to link the FM receiver to the Marvels. Probably the simplest in terms of managing all the different pieces.

The FM receiver has a 3 pin plug.


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What did your old FM receiver look like?

The receiver that comes in the iN isn’t a universal FM receiver. It is Roger adult line only.

Oops. Of course, THAT kind of FM. Senior moment on my part.

Thank you. :grin:

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