How to Choose the Proper Aid for Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

I am in the process of choosing a hearing aid to help with my cookie bite hearing loss and tinnitus. We are also in the process of moving, so I need to purchase in the area we are moving to. My audiologist here has been very helpful, even advised me to wait until after the move to buy, so wouldn’t have to travel 250 miles, or pay through the nose, for maintenance.

Since February, I’ve tried demos of ReSound, Phonak, and Siemens (I don’t know the model names). ReSound and Siemens were extremely helpful and I wore each for about 3 weeks. Phonak was miserable and I returned the demo within 48 hours.

My husband’s new insurance offers hearing benefits through Hear In America. They set me up with a local audiologist. He is recommending Widex over the others due to its tinnitus program, but no demo. They offer 45 day trial, with $300 restocking fee if I don’t purchase. What worries me is, he kept referring to my hearing loss as “reverse slope hearing loss”. That is different from cookie bite, isn’t it? He was talking about the difficulty of amplifying lower frequencies, when mid range is where I am having trouble. This has me doubting him, his advise, AND his ability to properly program any HA’s I do purchase. I don’t know that I have other options locally.

I’m realizing that I REALLY have to do my homework, but don’t know where to start. It seems as if the information available is deliberately confusing. Also, I find it difficult to swallow a potential $300 restocking fee on an aid that may be completely inappropriate.

Any advise from people with experience in these matters would be greatly appreciated.

I’m somewhat dubious about “covered aids” from many policies. Often they just connect you with a discount online seller. I visited the site and don’t see any real prices and also see an offer to anyone joining online to get the benefits. It isn’t a scam but it has limitations. Normally that includes the initial setup period and you get charged on subsequent visits.

Connect Hearing may have a local office where you are moving to. They do “price matching” which will make you do some homework on competitive prices.

You may have a Costco in the area which is a provider with normally the lowest cost coupled to good support.

Thanks KenP.

I just made an appointment with Costco for the 23rd. We’ll see if they instill more confidence in me than the last guy. I certainly feel better about their pricing!

Hi! I have what they call a cookie bite hearing loss also. I went to Costco originally a year ago after being to a traditional audiologist who sells hearing aids in my area. Both places did their tests on me and pretty much they were both the same results, I do have to agree with people who state that they find that Costco’s tests are more thorough.

I have decided to purchase the KS6 like alot of people but I was really on the fence because 2 audiologists were suggesting that due to the difficulty it can be to get the settings just right for my type of hearing loss that the Trax 42 may be a better aid. They were not saying that the KS6 would not work but just that I would have to be more patient as it would take a bit more to tweak the settings to get them just right for me.

I have my fitting on the 26th so will be sure to let you know what my initial reaction is to the KS6, I’ve never had aids before so this is a new experience for me too!