How to change your username (and name)

It is now possible to change your username right inside of the forum. Please be aware that this will change your username inside of the forum, but not on the main website. To get to your username, simply click on your avatar (in the upper right) and then on your current username.


On the following screen, you can now change your username and name by clicking on the preferences tab, as shown below:

  1. Are Username and Name treated differently?
  2. And Save Changes afterwards?
  3. Log Out, Log In?
  4. Hmmmmm; I don’t see the Edit Pencil icon next to my Username,
  1. Username is what people see next to your posts. They won’t see your name until they click your avatar, etc.
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Weird. Will look into it.

This is Abram. I just created a new test account and updated my username. All seemed to work fine. Perhaps you need to logout and log back in to see the pencil. Sorry I’m at a loss.

What is the deal with those obnoxious random number/letter user names? Assigning that then expecting people to change it later, well why?

I’m coming late to the party, but I just tried this and had the same problem: no pencil, and no way to edit my username. Is this still supposed to work, or has the procedure changed?

I’m thinking they managed to change the amendment and ban the pencil. I don’t see one either and no final answer, way back when.

I misunderstood one of the configuration settings … “The maximum number of days after registration that accounts can change their username (0 to disallow username change).” … I had set this to one day assuming anyone could change their name after one day. Turns out this means the grace period for adjusting your username. I have changed it from one day to 30, to give new users up to a month to change their username. Hopefully that helps. Sorry about that!

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It worked! Thank you so very much.

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You are very welcome!

I’d like to change my username from member55 to Dan(my first name) but numerous attempts have been unsuccesful-Help anyone?
\Thanks in advance.

member55: Apparently changing it is only available for 30 days after sign up.

Yes, see the Hearing Tracker post above:

Fortunately, I’m new so I was able to change mine, but it looks like if you’ve been a member for more than a month you’re out of luck.

Someone already had that username. Does Dan55 work? Happy to change it again for you.

Thaidan would be good.
I live in Thailand and use that name on other forums.

You got it …

Do I understand correct that if I’m here more than a month I am not able to change my username?

That is correct. Send me a PM though if there’s a good reason we can update it for you.

RE: The Forum

I’d like to change my name that appears in every posting. I have read about the 30 day limit. Can you change hjhood to IMYellowstone? Delete hjhood.

If no, can I delete the entire account - ensuring I am deleting all posts - then reregister with user and posted name as I direct?

Also, I only want replies to my postings. Not all the other extraneous comments that have no relationship to my posts or anything other than what I am addressing. How do ensure that happens?

You can always just abandon hjhood and make the IMYellowstone and never look back.
Click on your avatar (beige H) in the upper right-ish area. Click on the username to the left in the pop out. Click on Preferences. There you’ll find all the emailing/notification settings.