How to change programs on Oticon Dual Mini M5?

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I have been wearing hearing aids for about 13 years now, starting when I was 35 years old. My hearing loss is a result of loud music, shooting guns without hearing protection and a lot of time in the car with the windows down (you know - when you’re young you’re invisible and bullet proof, right!) I began with a CIC in my left ear, as that ear was much worse, but when that was about 5 or 6 years old I ended up getting two custom made ITE aids (Siemens, but I forget which one now).

Well, I got hit in the head pretty hard about 3 weeks ago, and it cracked my aid in two. I had two pairs of BTE aids that belonged to my Mom before she passed away. One pair was a set of Oticon Dual Mini M5’s that she got about 9 months before she died. She was terminally ill at the time and specifically told the audiologist she would only buy them if they agreed to fit them to me for free after her death (which they agreed they would do). I pulled these aids out when I broke my ITE aid and gave them a call for a fitting (they remembered her and were extremely nice about everything - they had even sent flowers over to her funeral when she passed 2 years ago). My hearing loss is moderate, to moderately severe, with the highest loss in the higher frequencies (don’t have my chart handy). I have been wearing them for about 3 weeks now and am wondering how I ever got along with those hard, plastic lumps stuck in my ears! I forget I have them on most of the time (except for the fact that my hair makes a really annoying rustling sound because it sticks in the microphone).

Anyway - on to my question. All the literature for these aids says they have three programs (or identities as they refer to them). When they were programming them I asked about that, and the audiologist said they do indeed have three programs, but there is no way to switch between them so there is essentially just one. The Mini doesn’t have a button on it to change the program, and my research indicates the M5 is not compatible with the Streamer.

Is this true? Why would they make a hearing aid with three programs if they’re not accessible? I have scoured the internet trying to figure this out and have been unable to find anything. I have a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning for some fine-tuning and want to try and get as much out of these aids as I can. I am guessing that I can use one of the programs for a phone program that uses the t-coil and the autophone feature to switch to that program, and was going to ask to have that programmed tomorrow. That still leaves one program unused, which just seems crazy to me.

I intend to try wearing these for a while as I have been enjoying using them and I’m not ready to plunk down the cash for new aids right now. This will give me a real long-term test to see if I really like the BTE aid.

If anyone can help me understand the programs on this I would be greatful.

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Does the Oticon Streamer work as a remote control as well? I know a lot of hearing aids are becoming so small they can’t put either a volume control or program button on the hearing aids or the hearing aids are so small that they can’t put anything on there so the only way would be to get a remote control to access the programs.

Hi All,

Did a lot more digging and reading, and I figured out what was going on (mostly my misunderstanding of the Oticon brochure). The Dual Mini M5 does indeed only have one program - I finally found a spec sheet that specifically said that. The three “identities” it lists are essentially pre-programmed settings that can be selected during fitting. The aid is meant to be automatic, so there are no selectable programs - it adjusts automatically to your environment. This is new for me and was what had me confused. I specifically recall at the first fitting I was afraid the road noise in the car would be too loud based on where the HIS set everything, but was pleasantly surprised when I got in the car that the road noise was very quiet and I could still hear the radio fairly well.

There is a very informative post here on the forums here that I came across reading last night here.

Unfortunately, my fear of getting “blasted” in noisy environments and my misunderstanding of the features of the aids caused me to have them set incorrectly at my first follow up (ugh), so I am having difficulty hearing people talk in meetings at work. I’ve got another follow-up appointment set for October 9th. I’ve printed out the fitting guide and made some notations to go over with the HIS when I am there for a few specific things I’d like to try. Now if I could just get my hair to stop making such crazy loud noise touching the microphones I’d be all set!



You will eventually get used to the hair sound but it will take some time.

I’m glad you got your problem solved. In case someone finds this thread in a search I thought I’d answer a related question. I have a different style of Oticon product, and it threw my audiologist for a loop when we first tried to put programs into these things. In the Alta, each aid has 1 button. Normally you press it once quickly to change the volume – right aid for up, left aid for down. If you press and hold for 2 seconds, then WHEN YOU RELEASE THE BUTTON, it will cycle through the programs – right for up, left for down. If you press and hold for 3 seconds and have mute capability turned on, it will mute the aids.

When we first put programs in, I was expecting something to happen after holding for two seconds, and kept holding too long until it muted. I had to release before the program change would take effect. I hope that info can help someone someday.