How to change audiogram

I have spent time looking at past posts on how to update. Nothing. I don’t have a profile? I thought I did as I had a past audiogram

Here’ Rick’s advice on accessing/creating audiograms. I see an audiogram showing up in your avatar. Don’t know if you just found out how to update it yourself?

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Something to add to Jim’s post is, you need to delete your old audiogram for your new one to work. Or at least get your new one on top of the list.
Good luck.


Hopefully just adding the latest audiogram with a newer date will put it at the top of the list. The advice on the Hearing Tests page encourages one to include older audiograms, too, and promises analysis over time. If that’s not working, perhaps we should notify Forum Support.

Your latest audiogram will be shown on your profile on Hearing Tracker and in the Hearing Aid Forum We will be introducing new tools to analyze changes in your audiogram over time, so we recommend adding your old audiograms.

It may update now. I recently updated my audiogram but deleted my old ones before trying to keep them.
It used to be as I described.

I don’t know what you mean about at the top of the page there are many icons. Is it when your first google here in Hearing Tracker? Because I did not have any trouble finding it the first time. But usually what I do now is just go into the threads. I want to change mine because I like the second one which was only three months newer than the old one but it isn’t quite as jagged. And not only that but then I get the word recognition also. I am going to look for what you described and see if I can find it. Thanks bunches

I just googled hearing tracker and it took me right back to the same page that I am on now. I do not see a line of icons.


Thank you so much but I do not get that site up. It just keeps taking me back to the same ole, same ole. I am doing this on my iPad, should I go into my PC maybe it would bring it up? It’s late now, got to go to bed so I will try tomorrow but I do appreciate you sending me that screen shot.
I have not seen that page since I first signed up in April. Maybe I am living in the last century and I don’t know it. LOL

Once you are on this page click on forum at the top - the drop down menu shows My Hearing Tests.

I don’t get the whole page. The upper part of the page is missing. from the Ear Logo above is not at my site. Going to try my PC now but waiting for Costco to call me back because my right ear quit.

My Hearing Tests

I finally got it by going into my computer. The new Audiogram submitted. Must go in to see that it worked. I don’t know why but I found out that these iPads do not show the full page. It happened to me with Kohl’s department store trying to bring up some items. It would not do it on the iPad but when I went to my computer it loaded the whole page.

So strange, but I am not a Geek so I don’t understand how this happens. Also sometimes when I click my Avatar it will not bring up my audiogram, how come?

Thats strange as I have no problem on my iPad.

Thanks to all, especially the member who posted the screenshot!

The new audiogram posted just fine but I also did a WR but that did not post.

You’re right. The score used to be be listed under the audiogram on the pop-up. It shows up clicking into my user though. But not yours.

If you go into the members profile you can find the word recognition scores.

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