How to Banish Tinnitus in 3 Ways? Author: David Kendrick


One of the most common hearing loss problem is called Tinnitus and it is the constant ringing noise that is going on around your ear. If you are suffering from hearing loss syndrome, you are not alone and there are probably hundreds of thousands of sufferers on earth who are having the same experience like you. Fortunately, due to the frequent improvement of the latest technology, you only get to see more and more ways to cure your Tinnitus problem. In this article, you are going to learn how you can banish Tinnitus in 3 simple ways including taking drugs or nutrients, surgery and photobiomodulation. At the end of this article, you will have with you the possibly treatments you can start to look into.

The first way to banish Tinnitus is to take the right drugs and nutrients to reduce the ringing noise in your ears. Depending on what kind of drugs you are taking, each will have very unique and different effect on you. Some will reduce the noise for 5 minutes and some will reduce for 20 minutes. However, you will need to take extra care when it comes to drugs because it may also have side effects on you. If you are allergic to certain kind of drugs, then you will need to make known your problem to your doctor or pharmacist so that they can prescribe the right medicine for you. On the other hand, what you eat or drink may also affect the performance of the nerves in your inner ears. It could be lack of Vitamin B12, been eating unhealthy food or unclean water. This is one way where you can treat your Tinnitus syndrome, by taking the right drugs and nutrients.

The second way to banish Tinnitus is very common in the impression of most hearing loss patients. It is to go through an operation or surgery in order to eliminate the annoying noise that is going on around your ears. What you need to do is to consult your doctor of which part of your body that needs your attention. It could be implanting a cortex into your ear drum, injecting some medicine to the damaged inner nerves and so on. It is often scary when you hear the word operation and fortunately, the success rate is very high comparing to the unsuccessful rate. However, this is one of the last options when you have tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. When this happens, this is the time you consider operation and start looking for a doctor.

The final way to banish Tinnitus syndrome is to use photobiomodulation. Do not be afraid with the scientific word and if you are wondering what it is, it is a low level laser therapy (LLLP) or laser biostimulation. This treatment serves as a stimulation where the low level laser light stimulates the effect the inner nerves around your ears that will bring positive clinical effects and improvement to the hearing loss performance. However, careful steps need to be taken if you choose to undergo the photobiomodulation as it is targeted to cure one particular function in your body. This is also one of the ways you could possibly use to treat your Tinnitus problem.

By now, you probably know what are some of the treatments you can use to cure Tinnitus. As each patient’s case is different, you will need different treatment to cure your hearing loss problem. One word of advice though, whatever treatment you are considering, the key is to trace the root cause so that you can start from there. Once you have found the root cause, then you will be able decide better on which treatment is better to be used on you or any Tinnitus patient.

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What about the ones that the ringing is the brains way of trying to handle the missing frequencies that your hearing loss is not sending to the brain.

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