How to associate Phonak HA to a different ComPilot II

My father, who is 94 years old, currently has Phonak V90 along with a Compilot II. His Compilot seems to have stop working. I am going over this weekend to see if I can do anything to make it work. I am thinking of resetting it and changing the cord.

Does anyone knows if I could use my mother in law’s Compilot II (she is not using it anymore) and associate it to my father’s HA? Is it like in a garage door opener where I need to put in the appropriate code with dip switches?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum.
My understanding is it should stream as is but for it to change programs and volume it will need to paired in Target software to the aids.

If it’s already linked to your moms hearing aids, it won’t link to your dads without being factory reset.