How to adjust the volume of the icom in ipfg


I know somewhere there is a way to adjust the volume & amount of outside noise you hear when on a cell phone, but my hearing tech can’t find it and neither can I, can someone tell me where this is in the ipfg fitting software & how to access it?


I ran across this in my endless research. I understand what you are trying to do, but I don’t know if what is described here is the same thing. The guide shows the window where this adjustment is made:

iPFG 2.0 Desktop Fitting Guide

Page 7 Accessory Options, B. Streaming programs (available with iCom)

” You can change the overall gain and hearing instrument microphone attenuation for EasyAudio and EasyPhone Bluetooth independently. In addition, the feedback canceler and SoundRecover (if available) can be turned on/off for each streaming program."

I hope this helps!

Select: Follow Up Visit -> Program Options -> Easy Bluetooth -> then adjust Volume mixer

How come your audi can’t find this???

I have been totally amazed at what 2 out of my 3 audiologists have been not only unable to find but completely unaware of. I found things on the Phonak site, called both of them to my audiologist’s attention. She had to call the area rep and then also call Phonak. Unfamiliar w/ the s/w, she changed settings but did not “save” in either case, so I had to make yet another trip back in. I’d think “SoundRelax” and “NoiseBlock” would be something addressed in fitting Exelias and not a well kept secret among those selling Phonak brand? Also, it isn’t too hard to discover that a special program can have the link removed/broken/cut so that it has settings that do not connect to the general SoundFlow program. Not one of the three knew this, yet I found it on the Phonak site and thus now at least one of the audiologists does recognize how to do this after saying at first “not possible.”

How in the world are audiologists who don’t know how to program these expensive HA allowed to fit them??? Gives Phonak or any brand a bad name, when it isn’t the HA but rather the audi.

At one point I must have made some 4 or more trips into audi trying to get HA to sound right. Almost turned them back in right then and there. The audi’s front office person said everyone replaced batteries in 3 days when I questioned if I could have some defective batteries. Called Phonak myself, still wondering if it might be a battery issue. Phonak said every now and then an entire box of batteries could be defective. In my case, that was just one of many problems I had to troubleshoot by myself. By the 3rd day on new batteries for my Exelias they had gone from bad sound to impossible, yet no low battery warning beep. My husband ran to drugstore, purchased a pack of size 13 batteries and bingo…one issue out of many resolved. BTW, not one of the 3 places I have been to this last year have been anything close to a “hole in the wall discount” or fly by night kind of audiologist’s office.

This forum has been my best resource for information so far!

Well firstly I am pretty sure that the person who programmes my HA is not an audiologist and she doesn’t seem to have much knowlkedge when It comes to new model Phonaks as they try to steer their customers towards Oticon or Siemens.

Thanks everyone for all the help.

For anyone who doesn’t have it, here is a working link to Phonak iPFG 2.5a software download:

The only Fitting Guide I can find is for 2.4, is only four pages long and doesn’t include “How to adjust the volume of the iCom”. Does anyone have a link to the Fitting Guide for 2.5a with that info?

This year-old description from EnglishDispenser doesn’t seem to apply to version 2.5a I have:

" Select: Follow Up Visit -> Program Options -> Easy Bluetooth -> then adjust Volume mixer". I don’t find Volume Mixer. Since I don’t have new Phonak aids or the iCom yet I’m running the software unconnected. Is it possible that’s why I don’t find that option?

Would appreciate any help.

oh shame shame, another self programmer? :slight_smile:
Some will not talk to you now.

I do not have the Mypilot or Icom configured. I do not see the option for mixer either. My guess is that once configured in the End Fitting screen the options will be available.

Thanks, that’s what I hoped would be the case. I’d still like to find a copy of the Fitting Guide for 2.5a if anyone has a good link.

Can we have a link to theat Guide?

After reading here how the mics could be turned down, I made an appt with my audi’s colleague (wanted it done before my audi would be back in that office). I’m guessing her colleague is not strong on the Phonaks, but she was able to “work it out” with a couple of calls to Phonak. One thing was that the iCom was not showing up on the screen. Apparently my audi did not “group” it with the HAs for my initial fitting (though the iCom worked with the HAs). Once she grouped it, the iCom showed up and she was able to get to the screen where she could adjust the mics.

I agree, you can’t always blame the HAs & the mfrs. If the person doing the fitting doesn’t know what they’re doing, you’re not going to get the most out of the HAs. I think my audi is familiar with the Phonak software (I’ve only been to her for the consultation - already had an hearing test results from another audi - and the first fitting). I’ll find out more when I go back for my 3-week followup fitting/REM.

Thats a shame…at least they could have called Phonak instead of saying to you that they couldn’t find it.

You may want to look at the iPFG tutorial movies. I found them very informative and it showed me more of what is possible. What’s more you can probably capture them and put on a DVD for your Audi.

PS: I’ve been thinking about downloading the iPFG program. I can’t “use” it but wounder if I couldn’t learn how to use it and what it can do. I like to be knowledgeable about medical equipment and want to know if other have found doing this useful.

You are being given REMs and yet the audi can’t work out how to adjust the aid Bluetooth volume?

There must be a sophisticated word for this: ironic? bomphiologic?

I decided to order Smarts IX, and will try to get Icube to start self programming. I downlaoded the iPFG 2.6, and had a look into it. If there is a user manual it will be easy to use it;however, I thinkn self programming might give better results.