How to add hearing test results to profile


I can get to my profile and I see the blank graph, but not able to enter anything there and I don’t see an option to do that.

Ehlers dances syndrome hearing loss --now I see someone else asked about this in Feb '10

You should see a blue thing to click saying something like Add my Audiogram or something. A pop-up should pop up. Then select left or right side in the bottom right and then double click on the graph for each point…Orrrr…click on Manual Entry in the lower left on that same pop-up and enter your numbers in that way.


When I click the big “D” I see the latest entries. If I click the gear on that page I see the basic profile. The only thing clickable is Hearing Tracker Profile. If I click that I see the blank chart, which is not clickable, and no buttons or anything else clickable except the 3-stripe menu that just has print and download a file.


What about under the chart? Scroll all the way down. There should be a blue clickable thing saying something like Add My Hearing Test or something.
Or near the upper left side might say something like Enter your audiogram (optional) would get you to the same place.
Try a different browser maybe too.


I don’t see those buttons with Firefox on the PC, or Samsung browser on the Phone. I will try with other browsers tonight.


Have you signed in to Hearing Tracker to enter your audiogram?


Yeah your screenshots helped. Zebras is on to it. Seeing Sign in Sign up on the top bar suggests that you haven’t made the additional profile in the other part of Hearing Tracker itself. You have for the forum but the other area needs to be added to link the audiogram. It’s kinda weird I know but that’s probably what your problem is. It really should be that both profiles get made simultaneously upon either sign up.


Thanks guys, that was it. Even though I was signed in and looking at my profile, I wasn’t really signed in for changes. I did that and entered my audiogram. Thanks for your help!