How tight should tulip domes be?


I have KS 7’s with tulip domes. To insert them (esp. the left) I have to push somewhat hard. Also, both ears itch.

With my prior KS 5’s (which used both tulip & solid domes at various times) I did not notice this problem. Perhaps the domes were a smaller size.

Perhaps I’ll try switching the domes off my older HA’s.

— Fred


Have they been tight since you got them?
Perhaps your ears are stuffed with wax. Dunno.


I can’t imagine tulip domes being that tight. I would think you need smaller domes of some type. I couldn’t withstand anything “tight in my ear canals”.


Followup: I went back to my Costco and got smaller domes, which are more comfortable and easier to insert.


Have you tried the vented sleeves instead of the tulip domes? They come in different sizes whereas I think the tulip domes are a one size fits all.


I tried tulip domes. I have small ear canals. The receiver end of the ReSound tulip domes that I tried had a hard oblong shape to hold the dome “petals” (flaps) flared out. So I think it was mostly that that made the tulips uncomfortable for me to wear. The “one-size-fits-all” large but compressible, overlapping flaps/petals probably did not help, either. For me, one ear canal is larger than the other so it’s more comfortable to wear domes that are unmatched in size. As far as I can tell, that doesn’t cause a different hearing sensation in each ear. So I’m now wearing a small power dome in one ear, a medium-sized one in the other. I wanted a fair amount of occlusion.