How often should you get your hearing checked?

I get my eyes checked every year or so. If my prescription changes, I need new lenses made for my glasses.
When I got my HA, they were programmed to correspond to the readings on my hearing test. I assume my hearing “numbers” will change, over time, the way my eyes do.
I was told, at least in Ca., the HA dispenser is required to “work off” a test made within the last 90? or 120? days.
So - How often should I expect to have a hearing test?

My audi goes by annual check-ups and programming checks…don’t know what the norm is.

Well mine is a progressive loss so I get checked annually so that my aids can be adjusted.

At the minimum, I’d say once every 2 years. If you don’t think your hearing has changed a TON, several fitting programs allow the professional to test your hearing THROUGH your current hearing aids, and automatically make adjustments to your aids based on your responses. This takes literally 2 minutes and can be done as often as necessary.