How often should I change wax guards?

This is regarding my Kirkland hearing aids (love them!) but the question might apply to other aids too.
How do I know when to change the wax guards in my HA? They are so tiny that I can’t see if they’re plugged with wax or not.

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When I got my KS9’s I was told to change the wax guards once a month.

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I change my wax guards once a month. I also change any other parts out that need it then. I also clean the aids out with a hearing aid vacuum. It keeps them running well. I did this with my last set of hearing aids that lasted for 10 years.

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I can tell when I need to change my wax guards. The quality of my hearing diminishes and at times feels as if the effected ear is plugged. Usually every 2 weeks however not a scheduled change. Could be more often depending on wax build up.

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What is a hearing aid vacuum, and where does one get one?

It is like a vacuum but small enough to work with hearing aids. They are on amazon.

The wax guards in my Phonaks are very tiny. If they get any wax in them, they don’t allow sound to pass through. I can tell when they need changing immediately. Several years ago, I accidently ordered a lifetime supply of wax guards.

PS. I’m not sure what I would use a hearing aid vacuum cleaner for…

I can easily inspect my wax guards to see if they’re clogged or not by simply looking through a magnifying loop. So I just inspect it periodically (maybe around once a month, or when I start feeling a decrease in output), and if it’s clogged, I change it. But if still looking good from the visual inspection, I don’t change it.

If you can’t visually inspect it, then change it once a month. But if you can visually inspect it, only change as needed, unless you get an unlimited supply from your audi, then change it even more often as you please. I pay for my wax guards (which are not cheap), and I don’t have excessive wax on my ear. With a visual inspection once a month, I can usually go between 3 to 4 months before they need to be changed.


With the receivers and domes, I was told every six months, based on inspection. The domes of course provide protection to the wax guards on Phonaks, and my ears produce very little wax. With the earmold/receiver, she didn’t change that guidance. Of course I inspect my hearing aid every morning, brush it off, etc. I’ve had this one now since mid-May I think? and haven’t change it and it has no sign of build-up at all.

I’m really confused. I have the Kirkland 8 and there are no wax guards nor was I told anything about wax guards. Wax can’t get past the very tiny holes in the domes. I clean the wax out of the domes and when I change the domes it also eliminates any accumulated wax. When I take off the dome there is just a hole underneath, no guard.

According to your user manual there are no user serviceable wax guards on the KS8. So you’re fine.

Refer to page 40 and on…

I use a Serene Innovations HC-200 vacuum. Minimises the need to change.

You can use a tooth brush to clean wax from wax guard,Changing waxguard might cause damages the receiver tube if you don’t know how to change it

I use custom ear molds with my BTE aids and check daily with an LED lighted magnifier for wax and clean with a Jodi Vac hearing aid vacuum which does not use batteries. I have used this system since March 2017 and it’s still going strong.

Jodi Vac at Amazon

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I use it too and it is great. Thank you for sharing.

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I have KS8s and they have wax guards. Tiny white things on the end of the “receiver”. The replacments come on a little stick One end removes the old filter and the other end has the new filter and installs the same was the old one was taken off. I change them when I see any debris on them.

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Hello PhotoCasey, I have KS8s also. Where did you get your replacement wax guards and do you have a brand name, model number? I have replacement wax guards from a previous set of hearing aids but they don’t fit these KS8’s.

Costco would probably replace your wax guards if you took them in or at least tell you which wax guards they use.

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I don’t reach the same conclusion that you do. I don’t have KS8s so can’t say for sure, but had KS7s and they used the same receivers and domes so I assume the same wax filters. I think Costco just considers changing the wax filters to be professional service. Costco will do it for free and if inconvenient to bring hearing aids in, they will give you wax filters (or at least that’s been my experience)