How often does Costco KS models get released?

Hello, I’m a complete newbie here but have been lurking for a month or two. I’m on the brink of buying the KS 6.0 but realized. Costco has released a new KS hearing aid every year. Does anyone know when the KS7 will be released? I am debating about waiting a few more months in case it gets released.

below is my audiogram:

—250 500 1k 2k 4K 8k
R. 10. 10. 25. 45. 50. 60
L. 15. 15. 30. 45. 50. 65

You now have 180 day trial. So any in the next 6 months could be exchanged.

This whole time I thought the return policy was only 90 days. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll buy the KS6’s now and if the KS7’s happen to come out, I could exchange it.

I’ve read on this forum that the trial period was doubled from 90 to 180 days the first of this year.

I would never buy a device knowing that I will not keep it. It just does not seem right.

The HA business is chock-a-block full of people return hearing aids. It a weird business model.

I purchased Kirkland 4.0 and soon after the 5.0 came out. I tried the 5.0 out for a while (I paid the extra so I could keep both until I decided and compare them side by side), and ended up keeping the 4.0 and returning the 5.0. I liked the rechargeable batteries, the sound was just as good for me, and they felt “less clunky.” So, newer isn’t necessarily better, IMO.

Hi so does anyone know if costco releases new model every year?

Roughly a year to 18 months.

But look again at the quote you included. Newer isn’t necessarily better. We get use to our aids over time. The mind and aids become integrated. You will see posts where people wish they had their old aids back. Hype here and by the manufacturers always has to be taken with a grain of salt. Our opinions always become biased.

Hi I believe its about 18 months to 2 years.
The KS7 has already been released here in the UK and that is normally about 4-6 months after release in the US. From information gained here it seem Canada is always last to see the new releases.
regards Ian

I can’t find any Costco hearing centres in the UK. Do you have a link?

Just did a location search on The only Costco hearing center in England that shows up is in Watford:

Thank you for sending that link. Unfortunately I still can’t find any information on Costco aids in the UK.
The link mentions Hearing Aids at the Watford branch but there is no other UK information because It’s the American site not the UK site

Has anyone here got hearing aids from Costco in the UK?

KS7 are available in the US. Not sure when or how long ago they were released to Costco here in the US… I simply checked the Costco website and saw the KS7’s being advertised.