How often do you get a new audiogram?

I have worn aids for the past eight years (Phonak CIC) and am getting ready to upgrade. How often do you folks get updated audiograms, and, is it customary for your audi to charge for them? I have had three hearing tests in the past eight years; the first one was free with the initial consultation, the next two were $50 each (one in 2003, the other last year). Would it be inappropriate to negotiate annual exams to be included with the next set of aids? As this will be only my second purchase, I am hoping to be a little more knowledgeable this time around. Thanks!

I’ve been wearing HA’s for about 18 years and have a test about once every two years. I’ve never paid for one. The issue has never come up. I just assumed that was standard practice.

Thanks, Beto. You know, when I selected my audi and aids I thought the exams were included with the purchase. It was only later I found out that the “unlimited fittings” included in the price of the aids did not include the hearing tests.

I still do not know if my experience is the norm or if yours is. Maybe a few others will share their experiences… :smiley:

Annual hearing tests are not included with our aids. However, when we bill the patient’s insurance for the hearing test, we do not balance bill the patient for whatever is left over - it is written off.

dr. amy

Thanks, dr. amy; that policy is a very kind gesture. Would you consider that a common practice in your area? Also, how often does your typical patient get their hearing retested?

Thanks again!

Best practice is a hearing test once a year, or as soon as you notice a SUDDEN change in hearing.

Most practices in the area simply bill the insurance fo rthe annual exam, as almost every insurance covers it.

dr. amy