How much have hearing aids changed?


I hope this is the right forum for my post. Right now I’m wearing Agil Pro minis which were fitted with a more powerful mike(receiver) about four years ago. At this point I’m having trouble hearing people in a crowded noisy room, people one on one in a room where there is nothing to absorb sound, and people who speak quickly. I realize the last thing is a processing issue and no hearing aid will help with that.

So my question is: would it be worth it for me to consider buying new aids. What changes have been made since I purchased my Agil Pros approximately seven years ago that would warrant the expenditure?



The specs have all improved on paper, but patient outcome is entirely dependent on finding a competent clinician. Unfortunately, 99% of clinics you will visit are going to blindly push you into the latest most expensive device. Beware.

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I presume you have one of the model in this link? Which one? Which receiver? It would also be helpful if you entered your current audiogram. My quick look at the specs for these HA’s look to me like pretty state of the art. Yes I’m sure current models will have a few more bells and whistles, and probably better app connectivity and streaming. That said your most likely issue is that you need a refitting after 4 years since your last? Are they doing a REM test and adjustment to the fitting prescription?

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it might be worth getting a new pair if your Agil might take a crap on you :wink: