How much better Oticon More 1 comparing OPN1

I have been using Oticon OPN1 more than four years now. I would comment it so far so good. Recently I sent them to Oticon for repaired since one aid seems loss of microphone pickup. I have heard quite a few positive feedback regarding Oticon More in the Forum and Google search. Since planning to replace the old OPN1, if anyone has the Oticon More presently, would you mind to share your comment particularly in noisy restaurant. My audi had let me used a demo More 1 for one week. My comment is the More 1 definitely did pick up more different speeches in my surrounding area, but I can’t focus the speaker conversation in front of me. During that week on loan of the More 1, I barely could say the More 1 is just slightly better in performance than my old OPN1.

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Your experience of finding the More 1 only slightly better in performance than the OPN 1 is shared by some people on this forum. But there are others who find the difference to be more significant. Everyone’s mileage varies depending on their hearing loss. If you’re looking for opinions on this topic, you’ll be able to find more answers by searching this forum more extensively, instead of trying to solicit for responses in this thread only, just because it’s already been hashed over pretty good by now.

If you’re looking for a replacement for your aging OPN 1s and have been happy with the OPN 1, then the More 1 would be a natural and good replacement path for you.


I have worn the OPN1, the OPNS1 and now the More1 aids, for me the difference has been night and day difference. But let me say that the power difference in the receivers has been significant. My OPN1 aids were ITE aids with 85db receivers, my OPNS1 and More1 aids are 105db receivers. I had lots of feedback with the OPN1 and OPNS1 aids. I have no feedback with the More1 aids. My OPNS1 and More1 aids have custom ear molds. With the More1 aids I have speech understanding that I haven’t had with any other aids in my 18 years of wearing aids.
This is my experience and others have had similar experiences while others just flat don’t like the More1 aids.

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Thanks Volusiano and you for sharing the experience/comment of using the More 1 aids. When I used the OPN1 in a noisy restaurant, speech understanding is quite a challenge for me to chat with my friends. May I ask how well your More 1 aids (comparing to OPN1 & OPNS1) to give you speech clarity in a noisy environment? Home is a quiet place that I have no problem to communicate with my wife and children, but outside in the streets or restaurants I was quite difficulty to understand the conversation especially face mask was worn by the speakers.

@brialocus I’m still on my 4.5 year old OPN 1 and they’ve been serving me fine so I don’t have the need to upgrade to the More 1 yet. But when the need arise, I’ll most likely get the More 1 next.

I don’t have a particularly hard time at restaurants overall, but extremely noisy ones are always a challenge to almost anyone, normal hearing people included, let alone hard of hearing folks like us. You don’t post your audiogram so it’s hard to know what your hearing loss situation is like to make comments on, if any.

The OPN 1 opens up the sound field quite aggressively and although it does try to help clarify front speech for you, it also depends heavily on your brain hearing to make the focusing on the speech and filtering out the noise. This requires training to get used to, and if you don’t really go out to noisy restaurants on a regular basis, you just don’t get enough training for your brain to learn to be able to do those things effectively regularly. Yet for some folks, no matter how hard they try, the OPN is just simply not the right aid for them and they find other brands like Phonak to work out much better for them.

My speech understanding is much better in all environments. I have had some issues in a covered open air picnic area the metal roof and bare concrete floor caused a really bad echo. But everyone was complaining even the ones with normal hearing. I don’t have wind noise issues either. My speech understanding with aids wend from 75% to just over 90%.

Actually thank you for your posts in this forum that influenced me to choose the OPN1 several years ago. I want to see how well the performance of the OPN1 after repaired then decide to consider the More 1. Attached is my recent audiogram for your reference to comment my noisy environment hearing challenge.
Audiogram-Oct2021-2.pdf (990.9 KB)
Audiogram-Oct2021-1.pdf (990.9 KB)

I wore the OPN1’s for about four years and liked them well before trialing the More’s for about two months. I noticed very little or no difference between the OPN’s and the More’s so I turned the More’s in and switched to Phonak Audeo Paradise which I have now (replaceable battery version). I intend to keep the Paradise as I just prefer the type of hearing they give me.

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My first two aids were phonak audio 5 then Q. About 5 years ago I switched to OPN3. I like them, but!! Really feeling like I want to go back to phonak!
“I prefer the type of hearing they give me”
I’d be interested in hearing more of your thoughts on OPN vs Paradise.

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Glad that you found the aids that you like the hearing style. I wonder what good is the Phonak Audeo Paradise vs OPN1/OPN More 1. I had a Phonak Brio B-SP bought from Costco for few years before replacing the OPN1. That time I didn’t like the performance of the Phonak Brio since the sound didn’t come to natural and clarity like the OPN1. I guess your Phonak Audeo Paradise has a more advanced technology to improve the hearing capabilities & adaptations.

I don’t like hearing every little noise such as my refrigerator running or every little sound my car makes when I’m driving. I am aware of these sounds with the Phonaks but they aren’t as distracting to me as they are with the Oticons. It’s just more relaxing to me and I seem to understand speech at least as well. The Phonak app is also a lot better I think and allows more user/wearer adjustability.


To me the Phonak Paradise do sound natural. They sound more like I hear without my hearing aids in except that I can hear better if that makes sense. However this is just me. It’s like playing golf in that no one brand/model of clubs is for everybody even if they play at the same level. Trialing whatever you are interested in is definitely recommended and the only way to know.

And I am just the opposite as a retired electronic technician/engineer in communications and audio I want to hear ever possible sound. And as an IT professional and computer hardware technician my job depended on my hearing as well as sight. Even with the More1 aids and adjustments that have fine tuned my aids the best possible for my hearing loss I am missing out on so many sounds that I long to hear

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I recently replaced my Phonak B70 with the Oticon More 2. I found the Oticon to be much better than the Phonak. The new system of allowing background noise but clarifying speech in those environments is simply better, and better by a lot. Also, in just the normal everyday environment I tend to forget that I am even wearing them because the sound is so crisp and natural.

After my fitting I went to the Grocery store, and I heard background noise as usual, but also heard background music, voices and other sounds that I had not hear before. It was quite surprising. A also had a music program added, and music in the car and at home is much much better, with many more instrumental sounds apparent. No way would I even consider anything else at this point.

Oticon More is hands down the best hearing aid I have had. Two from Costco which were mediocre to say the least (partly due to poor fitting), and the Phonak which was better than the Costco ones, but still let me know I had a hearing aid on almost all the time by not portraying sound as accurately or clearly as the Oticon More.

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Last month I had the More 1 on loan for a week. During that week, surely I have detected some sounds never heard before such as refrigerator motor humming, the starting switch of microwave oven , etc. However, since both ears have high frequency loss down to 90 dB level, I was unable to focus the speaker’s speech but blended with different kinds of sound detected especially in restaurants. I wonder how was your More 2 performed in restaurants. I guess severe loss in frequency beyond 2K may be difficulty to hear better with any aids in noisy environment.

Did you have your HCP enable the Oticon Speech Rescue frequency technology for your? It’s available in both the OPN (S) and the More. It helps brings the high frequency sounds down to the mid frequency range to help you hear those high sounds better. I use this technology for myself successfully as my high frequency loss is so severe that I can’t get sufficient amplification in that region, although my mid frequency hearing loss is not as severe so the amplified lowered sounds (from the highs) help me a lot.

You really should have it enabled if not already to see if it helps for your OPN. The More has the same Speech Rescue technology and wouldn’t be any better than the OPN in this regard per se.

One of your ear’s hearing loss flattens out the same from 2 KHz on up, but the other one slopes down further, so at least the frequency lowering should help on the worse ear, although you should enable SR for both ears to get the symmetrical amplification for both ears to keep things balanced.

Thanks for the advice/information for the Oticon speech rescue technology. I’ll ask my audi to enable SR for my OPN1 after returning from repair.

I forgot to mention that my Paradise aids came with a Music program that I can switch to. I don’t really use it often and usually just leave them on the Automatic program but the other day I switched them to the Music program and just left them there for a while. With them on the Music program they sound pretty much like my old Oticon OPN’s sound in normal mode.

When I was wearing the OPN’s I usually took them out as soon as I got home just for comfort sake hearing wise. With the Paradise I quite often just leave them in because the sound is so much more comfortable. I don’t feel any need to take them out.

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I have severe loss from 1500 to 4000 then moderately severe from there. I also have moderate loss lower than 1500. I have had really bad issues understanding speech before the OPN1 aids and it became better with the OPNS1 aids and with the More1 aids I have the best word recognition and speech understanding that I have ever had.

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It seems the More 1 gave you more power in speech recognition than OPN1. Would you mind to upload your audiogram that could measure how well the More 1 perform in certain severe to profound loss in high frequency range?