How many hours a day do you wear your HA's

I just started wearing HA’s and have not had any problems
wearing them all day.

I was just wondering if you stay on a schedule or just wear them
until your ready to sleep. This is my first weekend and I kinda have
a strange schedule. It’s not uncommon for me to get side tracked and
stay up until 3 or 4 am.

Can you nap during the day without removing them, is this going
to lead to problems down the road?

I often am up till 3 am. I take my aids out to sleep and the back in around 8:30 the next morning. I remove them when I’m doing something where I’ll sweat a lot The rest of the time, except for showers of course, they’re in.

I’d remove them for naps where I was laying down with my head on one side. I’m an old geezer so I typically nap in an easy chair with my aids in place.

I keep mine in until time for bed. Then I put them in my Dry-and-Store and take out my spare. I sleep with my spare on the nightstand so if I wake even for just a short time, I have the spare handy to put in.

So I probably wear two 16 hours a day, and the spare for two hours every night.

I have been wearing my phonak savias non stop for over 4 years, day and night except for showers, swimming etc.

never had a problem.

without them i miss everything, alarms, phone etc.

I am about to demo exelia art. The audi wants me to alternate one out every night for proper drying.

So far I have had no repairs or problems with the phonak savias.

I wear mine (Phonak Smart IX)from about 5-6 AM until 11-12 PM. Battery life isn’t real good but I can live with that.

I have been wearing my Siemens analogs ~16hr/day for 15 years. No problems. I’m hoping that my new Phonak Audeos will provide the same great service.


They come out for working out in the gym where I sweat profusely, for bed, and for showers. The two days that I get up at 4AM to open my office at 6, I wear them from 4:40AM, after my shower etc, until 10PM. The other work days from about 6:30Am until 10PM. Weekends they’re in all the time whatever hours I’m up. When I first started using aids a few years back, they said wear them for just an hour or two to get used to them … I wore them all day and night from day 1.

They told me to increase my time as I got use to them.
I have not had a problem wearing them all day in fact
there great I hate to take them off.

I wear mine from get up (6-7AM) to bedtime (11-12PM) and sometimes have to get back out of bed to take them out because I forgot they were in.

I try to wear mine whenever I am around people or want to hear what’s on TV. I take them out when I’m driving or just sitting around the house. Since damage from loud sounds is what got me into wearing aids in the first place, I can’t imagine that having all sound amplified all day long is going to make things better.

I often don’t like to put mine in first thing in the morning, I need a bit more wind-up time in the morning before I take on sound! I put them in around 9am usually and leave them in till after I fall asleep. I wake up about an hour or so after I go to sleep every night, always have, so that’s when I take them out. I’d wear them all night long if they didn’t fall out, but I already had one fall out and had to spend hours searching the bed for it. Would prefer to put on a retaining clip for bed, but only ones I can find that are appropriate (i.e. for keeping them on, not for catching them once they fall off) are pretty expensive.

Would appreciate suggestions for lying comfortably on your side with hearing aids in, though, I have tried flipping them around in all sorts of directions but still usually ends up uncomfortable either with the body of the aid pressed into my head or the tubing twisted so it pulls on my ear.

Used to wear them the same way as the PP, like reading glasses, when I expected to need to hear. But after a while that got too tricky because I didn’t know if someone was trying to talk to me and I was missing it.

Hi I’m wear mine for about 3 or 4 hours in the morning and then take them out for a couple of hours in the afternoon and put them back in around 3pm for the rest of the evening