How many hearing aids can Phonak TV Connector stream to?

Good evening everyone! I come to you to ask a question I’ve been pondering before I pick up my hearing aids next week.

I plan on getting a Phonak TV connector, but would like to know how many users it can stream to. The use case is basically myself and my father who both have hearing aids that support the TV connector. Father has a Phonak Naida Q70-UP (single sided deafness) with a ComPilot II, and I myself am getting the KS9.0’s.

Would we have to purchase separate TV connectors, or is the TV connector capable of streaming to several devices at once?

TIA, and have a wonderful evening! :slight_smile:

Bad news, your fathers Naida Q70-UP aids are not compatible with the TV connector. It uses the TVLink.


Appreciate the quick answer!

In that case, I may get him fitted with the Brio 4’s so long as his hearing is in the fitting range. Are the Brio 4’a compatible?

Also wondering about the multiple users per TV connector. The manual says it should connect to hearing aids, just not much of a limit there that I can see.

Yes, the Brio 4 aids are compatible with the TV connector.

My wife has the KS9 aids and I have the Audeo M90 aids. We can both stream from one TV connector.

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I think there’s no limit.

Since there’s no registration of the device other than clicking on it and HAs, and it uses proprietary protocol, my suspicion is that it might be more like a broadcast and not direct connection. Eg, no limit?

Based on various things I’ve gathered through the time.

Like, for similar protocol they explicitly say it’s ‘many’. For another, they have limit of 8.

So, in worst case, I’d say limit could be 8. Probably 8 pairs since you pair with any HA and it will stream to both. Or maybe 8 aids.

In any case, you’re covered even with guests :slight_smile:

Appreciate the answer, thank you!!

On a side note: The Phonak TVLink II is obsolete and won’t work with the Marvel aids anymore?

I think they meant it’s last gen and won’t work with marvels? Something of the sort…

The TV connector is compatible with Phonak Marvel, Paradise, KS9 and Brio 4 aids that I know of.