How long should hearing aid moulds last?

I have a pair of hearing aid moulds that I got in June of last year and have recently started to notice some slight cracks in the top of the mould and a slight look like the left one is misshapen like it’s a bit squashed and the vent is pushed together and I don’t know if a bit of wear and tear is normal

My soft ear moulds are coming up to 3 years old. Need to get new ones soon as the glitter is starting to poke through.

Ok so hopefully they should be fine for a while the cracks I’ve noticed are where the mould goes into the the ear and they are nothing major they don’t effect the comfort of the moulds but I wonder if they occurred after the tubing was changed as the guy who changed the tubing had trouble getting the old tubing out

Sounds like the Audiologist cut your ear mould at the same time as cutting the tubing. Easy mistake to make when not being carful.

It wasn’t when they cut the old tubing but when they where trying to pull it out of the top of the mould it wasn’t coming out easily

I have an acrylic mould that I have been using for 4 years. It is like new.

ETA 13 Jan 22 - I just got new Starkey Evolv 2400 RIC R HAs with moulds. These are not acrylic, but feel like silicon. How do y’all keep the silicon moulds from discoloring? My acrylics never discolored, but from all I have heard, the silicons will.

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Yeah @WhatDidYouSay, acrylic RIC molds tend to be a lot more robust, soft silicone BTE molds usually last about a year or so, especially if they are the skeleton type, they have an inherent weakness in the narrow parts of the mold, and tend to break off or crack…. I have a set of acrylic molds for my RIC Marvels, I will use these very occasionally, ‘‘tis the receivers that usually blow”! I use very soft clam shell hypoallergenic BTE molds, totally occluded, with no vents whatsoever, they are very comfortable, and hug your ears, extremely easy to put in, and even easier to remove, although I would say it takes about 3 weeks or so, for them to bed in, to your ear shape, any mild discomfort is usually eased off by then…. If I get a year or so out of the Silicone BTE molds, then I consider anything after that as a bonus…. Cheers Kev :wink:

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Thanks i currently have hypoallergenic moulds due to being allergic to the original material in the closed domes i had when I got the moulds i have an appointment coming up in a few weeks so will get them to look at the moulds then when i go to have some adjustments made to see if they think they need changing

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Molds should last for years. But all bets are off if there are cracks

Not sure if they are actually cracks but it’s like lines going down the edge where it goes in the ear like It may be going to crack but it could be slight cracks I’m no expert as these are my first moulds but i no it does’nt actually look quite right and the vent on the left ear looks like it is squashed inward

the attached picture is the best image i could get of what it looks like I’ve circled where i can what looks like it could be a crack or pending crack

Mine was last virtually indefinitely. Unless I drop or too aggressive brush clean (scratch).

No don’t think it could of been caused by cleaning the only thing I can think of is when the tubing was changed

My moulds have had cracks in them for at least 2 years. The service technician is a little heavy handed when he replaced the tubes in the mould. While mine are just cracks at the moment, I’m keeping an eye on them for when they get rough feel to the cracks. That’s when I’ll get them replaced.

I’ve had mine about 5 years and no problem with them


Yes when the tubing was changed, he cut the tubing too short and cut the ear mould at the same time.

He has to cut it because otherwise you’ll not be able to wear it but if the audiologist is not carful, can cut the ear mould.

Ok i get that and it could of happened when he cut the tubing but i was aware that when he was pulling the old tubing out he found it very hard to remove the old tubing before putting the new one in and i wondered if maybe that weakened the mould as he seemed worried that it was not right but then he looked again and seemed like it was ok and i didn’t notice anything till about a week ago when i was cleaning the mould but it seems to be ok and still comfortable I’m just going to get them to check it though to make sure it won’t cause any issues as i have very sensitive ears and where the crack is it seems a bit uneven and don’t want to find that it will lead to issues

If for no other reason than peace of mind I might ask to have the molds remade.

I thought i would get them to check them first see what they say as I’m first going to be asking about adjustments and maybe a more powerful hearing aid for my right ear so i didn’t want to ask about to much in one go at my appointment

My acrylic BTE molds were just replaced at 9 years as they were too discolored. As long as you are not getting any feedback no need to replace IMHO.

For me it’s not a matter of if there is any feedback but of if they is any reason why because one side looks a bit uneven on one side where the crack is it could lead to an infection for me because the slightest thing that may rub on the side of my ear could very well lead to infection as my ears are super sensitive to those types of things which is why i need them to just look at the moulds and see if they think it could cause problems

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