How long does it take to complete an hearing aid order?

I’ve been waiting for my new Phonaks for 6 weeks and I was wondering if it’s normal to take this long. I tried asking my hearing aid dispenser but all he says is “hopefully next week…” Thanks for the replies!

That seems like a long time, even for custom-made aids. I got my first custom aids, Widex Diva in-the-canal aids, over a decade ago in about three weeks. My last custom aids, from Costco, arrived in a week. My current aids, off the shelf open-fit BTEs from Costco, were delivered during the same appointment where I decided to get a pair.


That is waaaay too long, unless you are waiting on a brand new release, though I don’t think Phonak has anything that new right now. I can think of no scenario where this is ok.

How long would it take for you to get your order, normally? Would it take longer if I was also getting a mycom and fm system, as well? Thank you for your reply!

Edit: If it matters, my hearing aids are being funded by Dept. of Rehab. in California. I know the DOR likes to pay out as little as possible, so I’m wondering if perhaps my dispenser is giving my hearing aids low priorty because there’s not much profit from it.

Well, as the matter of fact, I have a very relevant and timely data point for you - I texted my audiologist just last Sunday that I want to try Phonak Q90 312. She ordered them on Monday, they arrived on Tuesday, and I got them on Wednesday. No joke. Not custom made, obviously.

Mine are not custom, always come within three days