How long does a hearing aid last?

Well, my title pretty much sums up my question. And how often should it be replaced?

Some people wear them till they break (and I’ve seen posts from people with the same aids for 10 years), others change them every couple of years. As long as your happy with your aids, you don’t NEED to have them replaced. But technology advances, and from what I’ve seen it looks like a lot changes every couple of years. It depends on your financial situation and whether you can afford it.

Every 4yrs or so… you should be able to get a decent mid price instrument…

Thanx for the responses guys. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

11 years for a CIC !!!

They would still be okay except Philips is no longer around and I cannot source the part needed.

Time for new ones which I also hope to have for a very long time…

I have had my Widex Senso CIC’s for 15 years and I am just now starting to feel that I need them replaced. Everytime I asked my audiologist, I was told that there was not significant changed to CIC technology and that I wouldn’t need to get a new pair unless something was seriously lacking. The onyl thing that still bothers me is hearing people facing the other way and every audiologist that I have talked to has said that a new pair of CIC’s would not help. So I am now looking into the Widex Passion, a BTE model.

Out of curiosity, why are you looking at Widex? I do not know anything about their aids. Is it because yours old ones lasted so long, or is it because you have read so many good things about Widex?

I too am looking for new aids, so any help is appreciated!

My first set of Beltone’s lasted about 5 years (Full ear) . My second set of Siemens lasted 5 years (small canals). On my 3rd set (Hearsource FreeStyle’s) have only had a few months, but so far so good.

I think I’m on the 5 year cycle.

It’s hard to determine accurately because people upgrade hearing aids for different reasons. Some upgrade to fit new hearing losses while others to step up in technology.

There are also other factors like moisture exposure and general care of the instrument.

use dry and store, it really works…

^^^thanks! :slight_smile:

8 years oticon cic in ear, a small piece cracked off and addited some silicon 6 months ago. Had them cleaned at otican 4 times and they replaced electronics twice. Getting new ones soon (maybe agil, need bluetooth).

if is is 8yrs it was what… digifocus or digilife or ergo?

I guess it depends on whether you want new technology or are happy until they wear out. For new technology I would say every three to four years. If you want to keep them as long as you can then I would think somewhere between 8 and 10 years would be about right.

Hi everybody.

How to make hearing aids last longer. Dry& Stores do work well. They help to dry up any wax, oils etc. thatcan get into your aid and cause it to fail. Besides having them cleaned regularly there isnt much else you can do. Different patients can have very different experiences. I have seen some people who baby their aids have severe dependability problems for varying reasons but I’ve also seen some patients treat their aids terribly and do everything wrong but yet their aids just won[t quit. One man in particular has washed his in the washing machine twice and has yet to have a problem!! Almost any aid can be repaired for much less than buying a new one if you are happy with the way you are hearing.

How often should they be replaced? That is all based on how you are doing with your current aids. If you are doing perfectly well then it doesn’t matter how old they are. They are solving your hearing problem. On the other hand if they are not adequately helping then it makes since to replace them even if they are fairly new.

Example: One particular patient had one aid that was 23 years old!! She asked me if she needed new aids my initial reaction was definitely but after diggin a little deeper and asking some questions I discovered that she really had no complaints about it therefore there wasn’t really anuthing I could improve for her.
On the opposite end of the spectrum a fairly young guy came in to my office with aids that he paid $6000.00 for when he lived in a different state. He had a ton of complaints and HATED his hearing aids. He only had them for 10 months. After listening to his complaints about his current aids I had to inform him that the ones he purchased just simply were not going to fix the problems he was having regardless of what I or anyone else did. They just weren’t capable of doing what he wanted. He was more or less ripped off. He wanted to know if new aids would help him (I didn’t dare bring it up!) I told him they would. He purchased them and is doing great now

If you have a new dog … don’t leave them on the night stand …“crunch”

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I have had Phonak Aero for five years, they are still going strong. I have decided to change them in the hope that newer HAs ( I am going to try Oticon Agil Plus) will be an improvement, I have problems following conversations in groups and cannot enjoy a theatre play, even using the Loop facility. I will only keep the new ones if they are a marked improvement on the Phonak. At night I simply put them at the bedside, of course though often wet in the UK we do not suffer from the high humidity of other places.

I have a pair of Siemens ITE aids which are 15 years old.
They are just startiing to show a degradation of the sound tube inside the shell.

Hopeing to have new RITEs in a few weeks.

I just replaced my 10 year old Siemens because I felt new ones will be better. They still work OK and I feel the Dry and Store had a lot to do with the fact they still work after 10 years. I hope the new ones last that long!!!

What I do with my Oticons is open the battery door and leave them in a case overnight. I am getting 8 days with size 312 batteries and have been told that, with proper care I might get 10 - 15 years out of these h.a.'s.