How long do your aids last before needing replacement?

The thread showcasing folk’s collections of old aids brings up a question I’ve wondered about as a new user.

How long do your hearing aids typically last?..not replacing so much just to get the latest technology or whatever… I’m wondering how long on average I might expect these things to last before I need to replace.
how long till I’ll need to get them serviced (new wires and receivers, OR sending away for some sort of major repair)

Some of those collections are quite large… Mostly what I saw was dollar signs $$$ !

My Phonak Naida S IXs I got in 2011 are still going. I send them off for a clean and check service every 6 months.

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My oticon nera 2 cic has been working from 2011, the oticon sensei pro of my son had worked about 1,8 years before was seriously damaged (amplifier was oxidized) beyond economical repair.

I’m new at this, but am hoping aids typically last 5 years or so. So far I have had one receiver replaced after about 7 months.

Same is the case here . I bought Naida IX S On 2nd October 2014 and they are still functioning quite well . Not sent for a single repair so far.

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I’m on my 4th pair, have replaced every 3 to 5 years for newer tech. But my original pair, Phonak half shells, work well and sometimes I believe that I hear better with them. My word recognition tests don’t confirm that but ----------

When I got my first hearing aids (Rexton Trax 42s from Costco), I thought I’d use them for at least 5 years. They are 4 years old now and work fine. However, the descriptions of the KS9s from Costco made me want to try them. So I am now about 2 weeks into a trial of new hearing aids after only 4 years.

You could say it’s the new technology that induced me to the trial. The Trax work with my phone and tv but only if I wear a medallion-type necklace as an intermediary device for the Bluetooth, which I dislike wearing and often don’t. The KS9s work directly with Android phones and will with a tv device. I haven’t bought the tv device yet and won’t until I’m sure I’m keeping the KS9s.

Price also entered into it. I paid almost $3,000 for the Trax, and if new aids cost that much again, I’m sure I’d have put off another purchase for a year or two no matter the better technology. The KS9s are $1499, and there’s no tax on them here in Colorado. The tv device for the Trax was as I remember $250, and the device for the KS9s is only $100.

My take is that the smaller and less visible (totally in the canal) the aids, the more they are likely to need replacing sooner rather than later. The big power aids tend to last longer (like Naida and Xceed) whereas the tiny supposedly invisible aids need to be replaced more often.

I want to know who has the oldest working genuine ‘daily driver‘ on the forum (or a forum member’s grandparent…)

got a Nera that’s almost 5 and 4, will soon be replaced with another power aid (will try a SP soon after 12/30 maybe)

also I had other pairs over the year that still works too! (my 1st and 2nd still does) 3rd does but left one isn’t working

Got my KS4’s in March 2012. That makes them 7.5 years old. Still going strong but am seriously considering the new KS9’s . .

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Modified the post title slightly to indicate the thread is not about battery life :slight_smile:

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I had my previous Phonak eXtra BTEs from 2006 until about 3 months ago, so 13 years give or take. They were in pretty rough shape mechanically by the end, but still working! I definitely wouldn’t plan on getting that much life out of a set, but was nice that I did since cost-wise I couldn’t really upgrade until recently.

I had my first couple pairs for 3 or 4 years without any issues. Right side Widex dream was rebuilt twice because of moisture problems (and I live in Tucson). I think I updated my last few pair with the thought of having backups. I’m likely to stick with the phonak M90s for a while yet.

I wear Phonak Nadia Q90UP. Seven years, and still going strong.

Gave away a set of Phonak Savia aids (2005)that we’re working fine a few months ago. I have two pairs of Exelia Art aids that work fine (2007) .
The Phonak BTE aids have a pretty good reputation with me.

I have Widex Super Power BTEs that are approaching 7 years old. They are still functioning after spending $1100 (3 repairs). i got a total rebuild last time for $500 on the right.

You-Tube - “Trigger’s Broom” :wink:

I’m in the UK and my first aids were provided free by the National Health Service. Three years later they asked me to go for a hearing test and to my surprise I was given a new pair of aids.
I appreciate the aids aren’t actually free, the money comes from taxation.

I bought my pair of “Phonak Audeo Yes” in 2010 and still wearing them. I have an appointment at Costco tomorrow for a hearing test and to consider upgrading to a new model.