How long do HA receivers last

I’ve been told that the rather large HA receivers (full mold in ears) for Widex Super aids last around 18 months. Was also told receivers could last longer depending on usage, climate in area and general care. When I asked if receivers would just stop working when their day was up I was told no. The receivers would just not work as well as they used to and start to deteriorate over a period of time.

Having a severe to profound hearing loss I’m rather perplexed how I will be able to tell if my HA are working property as my receivers slowly fade into the sunset. I’d rather have them completely fail and get replaced then have them slowly go down hill and take the remaining hearing to a lower level.

Anyone here wear or use ear receivers that are the larger type and if so how long have they operated for you at peak level? Also did you notice immediately when receivers became defective or lowered you HA level or did you keep using HA receivers far beyond the point of normal replacement?

Always nice to know I’ve paid big bucks for something to go defective in two years and I won’t even know if its working properly or not until it probably flat out stops.

I have oticon receivers and they fail after 8 to ten months, believe me you will know. :smiley:

My Oticons are over 5 years old. Never had problems but Its time for new ones. My new Agils are great, a big improvement from the 5 year old technology especially in noisy environments.

So one post says receiver last 8 - 10 months and other says five years. Nothing like consistent statement from two different posters. So when you decided to replace your HA receiver did it completely shut off or did it gradually fade into the sunset as in weaker performance? You guys can do better then this?

as you were told it all depends on how/where you wear them and how you take care of them (dry and store every night, etc) a guy working construction wouldn’t expect to get as much wear as a office worker or retired guy.

Well i have had at least 2 failures in about 5 years. I have a set of Oticon Dual Connects that I am not planning on replacing anytime soon ? I am very happy with their ability to process sound.

Now as to the HA receivers. There is a real good chance that the aid will be sent out for repair even if it is obvious to the audiologist that the HA receiver is the issue ? Look for a bill from them somewhere between $300 and $400 if not under warranty with no indication as to what was actually repaired ?

Interestingly enough you can purchase HA receivers on line for about $65 but how do you know that is the problem ? Perhaps pull the good one off and replace what you suspect is bad one with it ? If it is now working i guess that points to the problem ?

I am not an expert so take the above info as you please.

I have bernafons with oticon receivers, and they fail miserably, they do not last 5 years :smiley: somewhere from 8 to ten months that it for me:mad:
I use ha around 6-7 hours a day.

Sorry about it, It does gradually fade and I notice, my right ear is worse so I put the tv on and this the first ha I put in. If the receiver is failing I notice it almost immediately:o.

So far 2 in 5 years for me . I wear mine from aprox. 7am till 12am every day . No word of lie ! What have they been charging you per replacement ? Or have you worked around the issue with your own method of isolating the problem and doing the replacement yourself ?

Well I think the “slow death” is what I have been experiencing. Mine (Widex Aikias) are just three months shy of 6 years old. Wear them 12 to 15 hours a day, 5 days a week, dry and store virtually every night, clean molds three of so times a week. But the slow, fading death is to the point I have to do something about it.

Still, background noise, think in large stores, or office buildings, even TV, or car road, radio or ac noise. Yes, AC noise. All interfere and overwhelm my ability to hear the speaker. Check out stations are heck. Let me tell you. I just guess at what is being said and can usually tell when I’m not close by funny looks.